King Johsef’s “The Lofi Vibes” Detoxes You With Calming Sounds

Joseph Glover who goes by the stage name King Johsef is a chosen individual born overseas and a native to the D.C area with his roots being in the south. This local artist and barber released his latest single titled “The Lofi Vibes” and you’re bound to feel instantly relaxed by how smooth-sailing and comforting this song is. This record makes you feel calm and collected. The number of peaceful vibes you feel in this track is what’s so calming. King Johsef’s voice is just highly soothing that it moves you into different dimensions.

"The Lofi Vibes" is the perfect single to chill and study to, lie down and relax to, or even doing daily activities where you want to hear soft melodies and a cooling aesthetic. King Johsef is making Lofi music reach a level of respect it deserves due to how this was easily digestible for me as a listener. What I love most about “ The Lofi Vibes” was how detailed it was in production, lyricism, and arrangement. King Johsef knew how to fabricate an amazing single that can fit into its own playlist for people who needs a detox from their daily stress. Listen to "The Lofi Vibes" here.

Hey King Johsef, Welcome to BuzzMusic! How has the journey been for you so far as an artist? What are some of the challenges you may stumble upon?

It's been fun I must say, it's also been challenging, enlightening, frustrating but mostly exciting.

Some of the challenges I stumbled upon were writer's block, which is one of the reasons I don't write most of my material, not having a marketing team, and time management.

What’s the major theme you were going for when making “ The Lofi Vibes”?

The major theme I was going for when I made "The Lofi Vibes" was to vent, talk some smoothe shit and step outside the box and experiment with my sound. Mostly wanted to give the people something soulful and real to vibe to.

Talk to us about your songwriting approach to this song. What ultimately inspired this record?

My songwriting approach to this song was purely organic because I didn't write it!

The things that inspired this record were the beat, my real feelings, my artistry, and good cannabis lol.

Were there any arrangements you were aiming for when making “The Lofi Vibes”?

Yes, there are arrangements that came naturally that I tried and I feel I executed.

What’s next for you King Johsef?

More marketing for my new and old music, a couple more singles, my third project, another video soon, all of the above and more is next for King Johsef.