KingBrix Showcases a Lovely Ethereal New Song With an Ever-Flowing Arrangement in "Anything"

KingBrix is the solo project of Rodney James Medwid that exposes his whole musical journey of writing and engineering everything himself. KingBrix fuses the styles of 90's Grunge, Folk, Synth Rock, Metal, and Hip-Hop into a colorful painting. He has recently released the single "Anything" and it is a lovely ethereal ever-flowing experience. This record features a high energy evolving synth, a punchy grooving Hip-Hop drum kit, and a nostalgic vocal performance that has a

subtle flair of edge to it.

A lot of care went into the synth sound design in "Anything", every element can be heard but also feels incredibly spacey and contributes to the whole groove. The drum tones are a great hybrid between 80's drums and a modern 808 styled kit. They keep a steady pulse that remains throughout the song to support KingBrix's enchanting vocals. Speaking of the vocals they are a fantastic piece of the song that carries tons of emotion with it. The vocals tonally have a cross between Grunge rock and modern vocal effects and this keeps them embedded in the instrumental but still shines above the other parts keeping your attention. We are loving this release and can't wait to hear what else KingBrix puts out.

Listen to "Anything", here.