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KingQueen Graces Us With "Running In Water"

KingQueen is a pop rock band based in sunny Los Angeles, California. Formed by Swedish lead singer INA, the group is rounded out by drummer Lemuel Clark, bass and synth player Nipun Nair and guitarist Adam Gimenez. KingQueen has appeared on multiple television platforms such as MTV, LOGO TV, Revry TV, American Music Awards and VH1. They have been nominated for best pop song at the LA MUSIC awards, best pop song at the HMMA Awards and music video of the year (2015) at the IndieNation Awards. In 2018, KingQueen opened for Jussie Smollett at Long Beach Pride and also played at DTLA proud and OC Fair. The band have recently released a music video for their single “Running In Water” as part of their EP called “Get Loud”.

BuzzMusic is proud to present “Running In Water” as a single by KingQueen. The introduction consists of calming and ethereal synthesizers, and the verse comes in with a determination with the drums and renewed synths. The vocals are delivered with passion, grace, style and confidence. The chorus is a hook that will become an instant earworm, and the overall vibe of this song is stunning and beautiful. Part of this song can remind one of the synths of the 80s, but this song also has an undeniable modern vibe which ultimately creates a timeless sound. This is one you’ll want to put on repeat, and we certainly recommend giving “Running In Water” a spin, or two, or three!

Catch "Running In Water" on Spotify and scroll below for INA of KingQueen exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!


Thanks for catching up with us! First of all, how did you all meet and form KingQueen?

KingQueen is my very first baby from years ago. I've been signed under KingQueen as a solo artist and I later on went to perform with a band under that name. Then I took a break from it and I've missed my baby so I decided to wake it up again. Soooo THIS KQ consists of me as lead singer and then I met my bass/synth player Nipun at this company we both worked for at the time. And I wasn't ready to play yet but I just had to snatch him right away because he is just so talented. And I said to him that I'm working on something but it's not ready yet and when it is then he has to join it.. and he said yes and basically a few months after that I called him up and told him I wanted to just play the two of us, possibly one more person on guitar to backing tracks only.. and that's when he introduced me to our drummer Lem!! I was a bit scared to ask someone to become loyal to this project who didn't know me at all and especially such a powerful drummer but we vibed over a phone call and the first rehearsal just felt like YESSS!!! So that was it! Then we added our new amazing guitarist Adam a couple of months ago who also was introduced to me by Nipun. And Adam was beyond my expectations!!! So I think we can all give Nipun a huge thank you for putting these amazing musicians in KQ!

You just released “Running In Water” as a single with a music video. Did you have a particular message behind the song?

The song is part of our 3-songs EP "Get Loud" which we just released. When I wrote the song it was a bunch of mixed feelings of a love hate relationship with LA. About the hustle. The grind. And just the exhaustion of being a human with big dreams in a big world. And.. I was going through a lot at the time with my grandmother passing away who was one of the most important people in my life. I am still in huge pain. And I got ran over. So I really felt like I was literately Running In Water. Running in water is DIFFICULT! Have you tried?.. that's how I felt mentally. That I was trying and it wasn't working.

Tell us a bit about the creation process of making the music video! Did you collaborate with anyone?

I wanted the music video to show a struggle of someone mentally and physically feeling like they were running in water. It could have been anything from addiction to suffering from loss.. but I chose to write a story about someone living a double life. I reached out to my friend Enrique Jesus Hernandez (the actor) and told him about some of the ideas and I was so lucky to have him agree to do the shoot and so grateful that he even trusted me throughout this process especially with me directing for the first time. I also wanted to give back to my community. The LGBTQ community is a big part of KQ! Was the first shows I ever had in this city and I had no idea who I was or what I was even doing! Have you ever watched "A Star is Born"? Well that was my life. I performed with drag queens in a little bar on Santa Monica blvd called Fubar and that later turned in to all the amazing opportunities I've had over the years but most important I will never forget all the love and support.

There's a great quote at the beginning of your video. Can you tell us a bit about what that quote means to you?

As I was editing I felt like it was lacking an introduction.. and I started googling different quotes and ran in to a few good ones but they didn't really match my message.. Then I came across that one and it just hit me! Because I think we can ALL relate to it. No matter who you are and I thought that maybe starting the video with something everyone can relate to in the beginning might soften someones heart who is unfamiliar with what he was going through in the video.

What can we hope to see from KingQueen in the future?

Tour tour tour!!!!!!!!!! And just keep on rollin'.


Stay connected with KingQueen through the bands website and socials:


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