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Kings County Command Your Attention In Hard-Hitting Single, “Equilibrium”

Hailing from Orlando, FL, Hard Rock group Kings County brings forth an energy and stage presence and proves that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Kings County is comprised of members Rob Dexter (Vocals, Bass), Steve Bell (Guitars, Vocals), Joe Lopez (Drums), and Bill Kania (Guitars, Vocals). This 4-piece group creates hard-hitting Rock tracks with infectious hooks and melodies. Throughout their journey together, they've gained inspiration from various artists, including but not limited to The Beatles and Herb Alpert. Their sound is reminiscent of 90's Hard Rock bands, but with a modern twist that gives them an edge above the rest.

Now, let's take a peek at their track, "Equilibrium." This track comes at you hard from the jump - with powerful, dominating drums and energy-infused power chords setting the scene. Kings County manages to maintain this high-energy, driving feeling throughout the entire song, and we love every second of it.

"Equilibrium" is powerful and gritty, geared to shake you to your core. The lead vocals are dark and demanding, taking control of the track and slicing through the dynamic sonic landscape. Screamo-style vocals occasionally enter the picture, commanding the audience's attention with their force and power.

Dexter gives insight into the meaning behind the track. "When good and evil collide, our newest single "Equilibrium" stresses what we all look to achieve, a constant balance in our life, our minds, and our souls…." Equilibrium" is an auditory darkest before the dawn and rise above the ashes."

King County demonstrates cohesion and skillfulness to their instrumentation that only comes from a group that has spent years honing in on their craft together. We can't wait to see what comes next from this talented band. Go and show some love to Kings County and listen to their song "Equilibrium" today.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Kings County, congratulations on your latest hard-hitting track, "Equilibrium." Can you tell us about some of the main inspirations for writing this song?

First off, we would like to thank BuzzMusic for their continued support of the band and for taking the time to listen and spread the word about our newly-released music. Our new song "Equilibrium" definitely wasn't written overnight. The song had taken a few twists and turns in the writing process to get it to this final version. Myself (Rob Dexter) and guitarist Steve Bell wrote the initial structure of the song a while back and put it aside to work on other ideas. Sometimes it's good to let a song sit for a bit to let you digest the first draft and then make needed adjustments. Lyrically the song's meaning never changed during the writing process. "Equilibrium" stresses what we all look to achieve in life, and that's balance. Every day we are bombarded with all that's good and bad in life, and "Equilibrium" is how we respond to those opposing forces.

What sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in "Equilibrium?" Who helped bring the sonics to life?

One thing that remains consistent with whatever we write is the music must come off powerful. I don't care if we're writing a ballad; it better has the energy in its delivery to make people turn heads. A great-sounding song starts with the drums, the foundation of any great song. Last year the band headed to Detroit to work on new song ideas with our producer Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios. That's when we presented our demo of "Equilibrium" to Chuck. We always felt the song idea was strong, and Chuck agreed we had something there. We began stripping the song down to its foundation, where we built it back up. Chuck's vision was to make the chorus more anthem-like and change the verses making them more driving. "Equilibrium" was now sonically and structurally amazing. Chuck has a knack for creating heavy music but keeping the sound clean and powerful to the listener.

We are captivated by the cohesion and skill the four of you demonstrate as a group. Can you let us in on a bit of the band's origin story and how Kings County came to be?

As the saying goes, you can't go to a music store and buy tightness. Myself (Rob Dexter), guitarist Steve Bell and guitarist Bill Kania started playing together all the way back in the '90s on Long Island, NY. We were in a successful band there, continuously performing throughout the New York / Tri-state area. Performing thousands of shows over the years certainly helps you become one tight bad-ass band. Our big break came when we were offered the house gig at Disney's Pleasure Island in Orlando, FL, and that's when the band relocated to sunny Florida. One great thing about playing for Disney is you don't have to travel the world, the world comes to you, and we certainly took advantage of it. We performed tons of shows on huge stages, accumulating a large fan base while developing our sound and stage show.

How do you hope listeners will react to the track upon first hearing it? Did you have a specific idea in mind of you who hoped this song would resonate with the most?

Rock music has such a broad listener base, and we weren't targeting any specific group, but the reviews we have initially gotten on "Equilibrium" are across the age spectrum. We recently did a crowd review where your song is presented to 100's of music listeners. We were completely blown away by the positive response from younger and older rock music fans. When reading the reviews, what we read over and over again was the power and energy of the song and how they related to the song subject. When you read reviews like that, you've done your job as a songwriter.

What's next for you?

Your next great song is just a writing session away, so keeping the momentum is key. Also, a lot of musicians forget an important part of releasing your music is promotion. You could have the greatest song, but if no one hears it, you've failed. We are fortunate to have a great promotion team with Unleashed Music. Gina and Geordie are great at getting our music out to the public and one of the reasons we are here with BuzzMusic. The band currently performs throughout the southeast United States, and we are looking to expand to other areas in 2022 and hopefully jump on some national tours and festivals throughout the country. There are always new fans out there ready to listen to some new great music, and it's our job to deliver it to them.


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