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Kings County Puts a Scorching Spin on the Age-Old Hit, "Beggin'"

The Florida-based hard-hitting rock band and four-piece Kings County releases a brilliant and bold rendition of Måneskin's classic hit single, "Beggin'."

Known for their infectious hooks and scorching hot instrumentation, Kings County never fails to leave the listener feel wowed by their dense sonic arrangements and punchy instrumentals. Comprised of Rob Dexter, Steve Bell, Joe Lopez, and Bill Kania, Kings County's sound is reminiscent of 90s hard rock with an exciting and modern twist.

Putting on quite the show with their latest cover, "Beggin'," Kings County offers a resilient, passionate, and dominant take on the classic single. Not to mention their ability to recreate the song's groovy instrumentals with their enthralling and hard-hitting rock tones, it's without a doubt that Kings County will blow anyone out of the water with this release.

Jumping into the single, "Beggin," we're met with an eerie sci-fi synth that drops into a haunting and gritty rock atmosphere. As Rob Dexter makes his dominant and raspy vocal appearance, he begins to deliver the song's classic lyricism while Kings County backs him up with their flaming and exhilarating instrumentals.

We love the powerhouse rendition that Kings County has brought with this release, as they put their unique spin on the track while maintaining the same heart and soul. As Kings County reaches the last hook, they fuel our fires with their limitless energy, heart, and soul, which punctures our speakers with piercing guitars, drums, and dirty bass licks.

Get your head banging with help from Kings County's latest cover of Måneskin's "Beggin," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

What an enthralling and captivating experience you've released with your latest single/cover, "Beggin'." What inspired your group to release your own rendition of the classic hit?

The band has had previous success with releasing a cover remake when we released “ I Ran”. We were looking for the next cover song when we came across “Beggin’ “. Originally recorded by the Four Seasons back in the ’60s but thrown into the mainstream when the Italian band Maneskin’s Ska style version exploded. We thought it would be a great time to release a hard rock remake and hopefully ride the wave of Maneskin’s song momentum.

How did your group go about formulating your instrumentation to maintain the same groove as the original track yet adding your own spice and flair to "Beggin'"?

We wanted to make sure that we weren’t just re-recording the same song in the same style, that would have been a waste of time. We thought the best thing to do would be to make the song have a hard rock industrial feel, that would be perfect. Almost to say giving it a Nine Inch Nails groove while keeping the original song idea intact with more aggressive vocals.

What was it like working with producer Chuck Alkazian when finalizing and fine-tuning your single, "Beggin'"? How did he help bring the song to life?

It’s always an amazing experience working with producer Chuck Alkazian. Right off the bat we agreed on the direction of the song. One thing about working with Chuck is once he sinks his teeth into a project, he moves fast. We had the structure of the song recorded in just a few days and finished shortly after that. We wanted to get the song out as soon as possible.

Chuck’s work ethic can be quite intense and we were bouncing ideas off each other fairly quickly. His producing ability always shines from the instrumentation to his quality vocal recording techniques.

When your group decides to release a cover, how do you go about choosing the song? Is there a specific criterion that the song must meet when deciding which track to cover?

It’s so important when picking a cover remake that it converts well to hard rock. “Beggin’” was definitely a stretch at first for us but we were up for the challenge. There are a couple of pretty intense vocal raps that made things more involved but I’m always up for singing outside my comfort zone. The final song really crushed me.

The main criteria that any cover remake we do is it has to rock, hands down. As long as the final mix ends energetic, aggressive, and guitar-driven, we feel we’ve done our job. We created a great song when you can feel the energy it emits and hopefully, the listener feels the same.


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