Kings County Release Dark Inspired Lyric Video for "Bleed These Tears"

An anthem for the crowd to pound along with is what Kings County is bringing us on their new track “Bleed These Tears” now set to their brand-new lyric video. Hailing from Orlando, FL, this rock foursome is creating heavy rock n roll ballads that are plastered all over their new video with a font that should be named "The Rob Zombie Font."  

This heavy-hitting lyrical video was directed by Adam Arnali, who honed in on the song's dark, cult-like atmosphere and paired images that perfectly resonated with the tone and lyrics of the song.

"Bleed These Tears" official lyric video showcases dark, theatrical images of gothic concepts that intern elevates this pounding rock ballad to new heights. Images of disturbing baby dolls with menacing eyes and devilish horns will keep you up at night. Your screen is transformed into a blood-soaked environment as the lyrics flash onto your screen with the same ferocity as the pounding drums and chugging guitars propelling the track.

Just as the vocals entrance the listener, dark images of barbed wire encased organs and empty eyes beaming onto your screen will pull you into this slasher inspired lyrical video.

Buckle up because Kings County isn't stopping with their hard-hitting sounds and imagery anytime soon.

Experience “Bleed These Tears” in color here.

Hello Kings County and welcome back to BuzzMusic! We loved the visuals you developed for "Bleed These Tears." Can you tell us the creative lense you used when crafting this music video? When we first started creating the idea behind the video for Bleed These Tears we originally wanted a full-blown live performance and conceptual video. The virus and the nationwide lockdown threw a wrench into the works so we decided to go to plan B, make a lyric video. The artwork for the single was an actual creepy old doll that had one drop of blood in its eye which became the centerpiece for the video. "Bleed These Tears" already has a dark underlying tone within the song, why did you feel that it was important to match that tone within the graphics? I was never a fan of lyric videos at first. They tend to be kind of boring and we wanted to make sure our video didn't fall into that category. Since the subject matter of the song had a dark overtone already, visually it had to capture the feel of the song while holding the viewer's attention by creating captivating images. I really believe we have achieved that. Is this your first lyrical video? What was it like seeing your lyrics come to life on screen? This is our first lyric video. We weren't sure what to expect but were blown away by the final product. The lyrics flow nicely and the graphics really emphasize the movement of the song. How did you connect with Adam Arnali who directed this feature for you? Did you have a collaborative take on this project? We knew of Adam through another band we are friends with. When we first saw their video Adam directed we were like, That's the guy we want. It took a while to get a hold of him but we were persistent  We finally connected with him, he liked the song and decided to take on the project. We kind of let him go wild with it.  We gave him the basic idea behind the song and let him go with it. The only thing we gave him was the single artwork and he had already decided to include a creepy doll with scars in the video even before we gave him the artwork. I guess great minds think alike. Now that the video is done and way beyond our expectations we cant wait to have the world see it. What's next for you? The band looks forward to finishing the full-blown video for Bleed These Tears that we originally wanted to make before the virus. We continue to write new music and are releasing new singles. Hopefully, in the near future, we will hit the road and perform live. We look forward to a prosperous year hold for the band. Thanks to BuzzMusic for inviting Kings County to be apart of this. Rock on!