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Kisa's Debut Release Will Have You Instantly Hooked

Los Angeles native and Russian-Ukranian descent, 21-year-old upcoming alternative Pop artist Kisa is a force to be reckoned with.

From a young age, Kisa has been expressing her love for the arts through acting, poetry, dance, and songwriting. While living in Kyiv, Ukraine, on a mission of self-exploration and individuality, she trained vigorously in the arts as a means to find herself. Finding the arts as a means of communication, Kisa returned to Los Angeles and found her calling, determined to continue to share her message through her lyricism, musicality, visual art, and body movement.

Launching her solo music career, Kisa releases her debut single “The Game.”

Providing an intense atmosphere that is filled to the brim with mid-tempo to upbeat grooves more infectious than the last, we immerse ourselves in the fusion of elusively flowing theatrics that sums up the quintessence of Kisa’s artistry.

“The Game,” tackles the themes of not wanting to play any more games with a specific person as the instrumentation is infused with chilling keys and a vibrant bassline that plays into the tight drum patterns executed. With a newfound sound that ties elements of Pop and Electronic genres together, we’re left with the aftermath being a brilliantly designed resonance that evolves in its own creative essence. The striking timbres that are radiated by Kisa tip the scales through a prevalent appeal that hones in on the feathery hues of delicate conveyance. It’s truly remarkable the way that the vocal layers incorporate texture through harmonious bliss, and rugged distortion to flip the script of a narrative so powerful in its ways.

Kicking it up a notch with a captivating release sure to have her audience turning into diehard fans, Kisa is on to something with this unique genre fusion that is chalked full of her own magnetic personality.

Hello Kisa, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your debut single “The Game.” We absolutely love the sonic voyage that is brought to life in this record. What moment or story inspired the lyrics that we hear?

Thank you so much. For this song, it was less of a moment that inspired and more of a concept based on experiences. I always love to meet people and have often found myself trusting too easily. I used a number of experiences in which I felt that I was surrounded by toxic people and put them into this concept. Trying to read people based on their appearance often failed me and the truth is that the people I love the most value honesty, loyalty, and kindness over anything.

How does it feel to have your debut single out into the world? What do you find that this song says about you as an artist as you step into the industry?

It feels really good to start my career off with this single. I wrote it over a year ago and it definitely represents my growth as an artist and as a person. When I wrote the lyrics, I felt lost and did not have a good understanding of the kinds of people I wanted around me, and even the kind of person I wanted to be! Today I feel that I have found a support system I trust and created a circle of people that value the same things as I do.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative and recording process looked like when fashioning “The Game?" We can only imagine the atmosphere you got creative in!

It was a really awesome experience for me because I had never collaborated before. I started out by showing a chord progression I loved to my producer at the time, Adrian Cota, and co-writer, Theodore Lee. They both started to play around with sounds and create the overall vibe of the track. On the side, I was writing down concepts, lyrics, and random thoughts. The process was really awesome because we all had our own imaginations involved. They are really talented and I got to learn and watch them work while writing my lyrics and adding ideas. It was my first collaborative experience and I will never forget it!

What is the main message that you hope to send to your audience through this release?

The main message is that looks can be deceiving and our actions are what represent who we are. There is so much toxicity in our society and it is easy to trust the wrong people. The best feeling is finding YOUR people. The ones who have your back no matter what. I want this song to be a vibe and put a smile on your face while you drive with your friends.

What's your favorite release of 2021 so far, from an independent artist you admire?

I would say Addicted by Jorja Smith. Her vocals are absolutely insane, such a beautiful tone and the production is incredible as well.

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