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Kit Genesis Highlights An Emotional Journey In New Ballad, “The Fire’”

Singer-songwriter and alternative recording artist Kit Genesis is blessing listeners with a heartfelt indie ballad with their newest single, "The Fire."

Since departing from their previous project, Tess Hannah, Kit Genesis has been moving onward and upward, embracing their trans/non-binary identity and fueling their music with tales of personal evolution.

As they continue leaning into a more mellow, moody indie sound with hints of rock for flair, Kit Genesis is making its mark with powerful new releases like "The Fire."

This is the second single from their debut EP, Romanticism, and it's a heartfelt, gut-wrenching story of self-love and acceptance that many can relate to. Produced by Bonnie Knight, "The Fire" washes the speakers in the spirit of 2000s indie rock alongside an equally nostalgic visualizer shot on an old Panasonic camcorder.

In "The Fire," the moody and emotional experience opens with tender guitars and down-tempo drums alongside Kit Genesis' soothing vocals, wishing for someone's warmth and presence. Their vocal performance is enchanting, diving into personal themes of love and wondering if the feeling is mutual. And the emotion Kit sings with is palpable—it sucks the air right out of the room.

The song's visualizer is equally intriguing. As Kit strolls around the school grounds, wearing what looks to be a personalized rendition of a uniform, they take in their surroundings, ponder the situation, and lay their emotions on the line for the camera to soak in. It's an honest, raw visual experience with layers of nostalgia for a truly impactful, timeless feel.

Let Kit Genesis hit you right in the feels with their deeply personal, cathartic new single, "The Fire," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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