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Kkatana Hopes All Fun Times Were “WORTH IT”

Alternative R&B artist Kkatana brings us WORTH IT, a song about the latent question that lies under the fun times in every romance, where do we go from here?

Kkatana, also known as Kevin Scott Bozeman Jr., is a native of Prattville, Alabama. His love for R&B has taken him to transform it. He experiments with sounds from Hip-hop to make something new. With his vision and talent, Kkatana is renewing R&B. Kkatana made his first SoundCloud hit in high school, and now after 16 releases, his craft is better than ever.

Kkatana latest song, “WORTH IT,” takes us to a common but difficult situation, that moment during the morning after spending magical moments with someone who went for more than our skin and has touched our hearts. The intense sensual feelings turn into calmness, and your head is clear, but your heart asks, what’s next? If it ends here, we hope it was worth it.

“WORTH IT” welcomes you with a paused electric guitar playing minor chords and calming drums. It is a combination that produces a jazzy sensation. Katana’s rap-leaning vocals contrast with the instrumentals, building energy while keeping a chilling ambiance. Listening to “WORTH IT” makes you wave your head and let go of all tension.

The vocal effects in WORTH IT fit the Hip-hop touch and increase the experimental and digital style of the track. At the same time, the lyrics can bring back memories or accompany you in a similar story. It is hard to let go when someone else lets you go. All it is left is knowing it was worth it.

Listen to the new view of the alternative scene in “WORTH IT” and its sped-up version.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kkatana, and congratulations on your latest single, "WORTH IT." How would you describe “WORHT IT?” Is it closer to R&B, Hip-hop, or Lo-fi?

''Worth It'' is a mixture of up-tempo R&B and Rap.

What makes “WORHT IT” stand out from your other releases?

''Worth It'' stands out because of its context and storyline. The raw emotion put into this single is unmatched compared to others I've released.

Why did you make a sped-up version of “WORTH IT?”

The ''Worth It'' Sped-up version is simply the track pitch-up of two notes and sped-up.

Where do you get inspiration to pursue musical innovation?

Musical inspiration is constantly surrounding me every day. Most of the time, it comes from an experience I've been through or a situation I've had to endure.

What's next for you?

Endless riches.


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