Klashing Black Returns with Two Conceptual Singles Off Their Upcoming EP

Twin brothers and alt-pop duo Klashing Black returns to highlight the new edge they've added to their repertoire with two conceptual singles entitled "Hold Us Down" and "Willit?"

Comprised of Kane and Kyle Benner, both artists have been fine-tuning their sound since forming as a two-piece in 2017. After a successful tour and various releases, Klashing Black have shown their mastery of authentic alternative-pop merged with deeply meaningful lyricism.

Touching on their forthcoming EP, Klashing Black introduces us to their new and improved sound by way of the project's two lead singles, "Hold Us Down" and "Willit?" With two conceptual tunes at hand, Klashing Black makes it difficult to ignore such a relatable, thought-provoking, and necessary listening experience.

Listening to the first single, "Hold Us Down," Klashing Black opens the song with a unique percussion arrangement and their warm vocal harmonies that touch on anti-bullying, discrimination, and marginalization. In a previous feature with us, we were able to expand on the song's in-depth music video that encourages us to come together and put a stop to racial injustices. We love the electronic appeal of Klashing Black's vocal mixing, as it brings us this irresistible and creative edge that truly sets their sound apart from other contemporary alt-pop acts. As the beat drops into this dirty bass-like synth, the drums begin to crash through our speakers alongside the anthemic hook that encourages anyone to join in and chant along.

Moving into the second single, "Willit?" this song takes off with a plucky and energetic synth that pulsates through our speakers like a frantic heartbeat. As the melodic piano makes its way in, Klashing Black joins the party with their natural and warm vocal stylings while setting the song's reflective and thought-provoking tone. Listening to Klashing Black's lyricism, they offer an incredibly meaningful ode to climate change while encouraging us to do our part in saving our earth before it's too late. We adore this song's gentle and relaxed approach, as it perfectly allows Klashing Black to stand in the spotlight with its meaningful lyrical message.

After listening to Klashing Black's latest singles, "Hold Us Down" and "Willit?," we're more than excited to venture into their forthcoming EP. For now, find Klashing Black's latest singles on all digital streaming platforms.

We're more than appreciative of such conceptual and meaningful tunes like "Hold Us Down" and "Willit?" How do these songs fit into the overall concept of your forthcoming EP?

We deliberately released those singles in that order because that’s the order they play in the EP. Each of the six songs is a different step in the process of examining one's own doubts and insecurities.

What inspired your duo to tackle themes like discrimination and bullying with the single "Hold Us Down"?

We wanted a song that was a call to action for anyone who’s ever been judged by who they are, what they do, and how they look. It’s meant as sort of a rallying cry to fight against any doubters.

Why did you feel compelled to write a song that encourages us to do our part in saving mother earth with the single "Willit?"

The initial chorus idea came from a movie called “Interstellar” by Chris Nolan. In that, crops are depleted and a team of astronauts travels through a wormhole to find other habitable worlds. Parts of that story idea are riddled throughout the verses and chorus. But we feel like for so long we’ve held back on those thoughts because of a fear of being embarrassed. I think we made a cool enough song that will get people hooked by the end. Then when they hear the script that plays, hopefully, it serves as a wake-up call. We think if everyone just did a little bit, it could go a long way.

Did you work alongside any producers when creating the two singles, "Hold Us Down" and "Willit"? What collaborations took place during this process?

We did all the recording, writing, and building of the EP songs in our basement studio. However, we wanted to have a professional mix and master it. For this, we worked with Brennan at Ohio Recording Company, who made the sound of 6 different songs cohesive, and gave the EP a very stripped-down feeling, even though there are countless tracks on each project.

If there's one message or realization that listeners can take away from your forthcoming EP, what do you want that to be? What thoughts or emotions do you want to trigger with this project?

I think everyone should listen for themselves and make their own determinations as to what all the songs mean separately as well as together. To us, the EP represents that even though life can be difficult and doubt sometimes creeps in, if you ride it out, soon enough, the good will come to balance it out.