Klavar Represents Generation KLV with “JAH”

Klavar, an artist in Queens, New York, has been passionate about music for his whole life. During times of hardship, he looked to music to keep himself going, which further solidified his destiny as an artist. Klavar uses his own life experiences and struggles to bring real feeling and emotion into his music, making him seem wise for his years. He has a saying that “Life Ain’t One Road” to symbolize that life is unpredictable, and therefore his music is too. He’s also stated that “emotions change by the minute, so if you write with your heart nobody will be able to categorize your music.”

Klavar’s new song “JAH” fits his description perfectly, and has been described as technical and versatile. The tone of the song changes multiple times, keeping his audience engaged. The introduction includes a piano and an echoing classical vibe, before quickly switching into a soulful rap. The song then slows down again later allowing Klavar to showcase his surprisingly softening singing voice. To switch it up one more time, he wraps up the song with a spoken motivational speech. “JAH” demonstrates a captivating diversity that is unlike most songs. Lyrically, he focuses on providing listeners with relatable struggles, and the fact that getting through harder times is a real possibility. Klavar understands that with his music he has the potential to influence many listeners, and aims to give his audience a platform where they can relate to the battles of life. Although he is inspired by artists such as XXXTENTACION, Tupac Shakur, Big L, Big Pun, and Biggie Smalls, it is obvious that Klavar is blazing his own trail in the music industry.

Listen to “JAHhere.