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KOFIE DIAMONDS Releases His Beautiful Arranged Single “All In All”

KOFIE DIAMONDS is an artist all the way from Chicago, Illinois. His cultural background is Jamaican and Ghanaian descent, and he makes music for people of his generation to enjoy. His music spans from all different genres including trap, soul, pop, and more, so he can do just about anything.

KOFIE DIAMONDS released his single titled “All In All” and this beautiful record is so heart-rendering and mesmerizing. The melodic piano introduction creates the melancholic vibe in the beginning before his soulful vocals transition in with a warm vocal tone and a resonance that’s just unforgettable. His vocal control is out of this world, and the tone of his voice is so texturized it releases chills through your body. His voice so magical, you felt your emotions being tugged at while listening to this gorgeous and alluring record.

The arrangement of “All In All” was emotionally capturing. His vocals reminded me of the vocals of an artist like John Legend. John Legend has a way of moving its listeners through the motions of his music, similar to what KOFIE DIAMONDS did. You became intertwined with “All in All.” K

OFIE DIAMONDS is undeniably going to be the next memorable vocalist in the industry. You can’t help but fall in love with his voice.

Knowing your personal style of music could be multi-dimensional, do you have any specific artists who may have influenced your artistry in any way?

I have no one or four influences. Honestly, I have like a million different influences throughout a million different genres because I’m so easily inspired. I’ve avidly listened to a few hundred artists because I hear and get inspired by new people every day, and my appetite for new music is always there. But If I had to name a hunch few randomly, they would be J Cole, Kanye, Sarkodie, Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, One Republic, Lincoln Park, The Fray, Chance the Rapper, John Legend, Roddy Ricch, Daniel Caesar, Alicia keys, nasty c, to name a hand few,

Tell us about your album “Bonsai.” What was the overall vision for this project?

To keep it simple, bonsai is a project I’ve been working on for a long time, months in fact. It’s a 9-track album along with a collective of artwork intertwined into one theme. As for the theme itself, it has a personal explication to me that I hope to elaborate on, but for the meanwhile, I’m catering this to the people who will question the concept of Bonsai or what it even means based on my past work because it isn’t much like my past work. I try to avoid being the bag of M&M’s when it comes to music, whereas the product may vary in color, but overall tastes the same. Therefore, I’m like a bag of Skittles when it comes to my music. No one really knows what to expect from me because I keep them guessing, and that’s why my listeners are so avid.

How does your record “All in All” fit into the theme of “Bonsai”?

I wrote “All in all” on a Thursday evening. I was just in my mind for hours in the dark on my living room couch, just reflecting on my presence. I was super stressed out, but my heart was in a place it never was before, and I didn’t know why. I had this strange episode where I spontaneously heard this melody, and as soon as I sang the notes, the words just came right out, and I was like, “yep, here we go”. It was strange, but I started to forward imagine a relationship that I am in, years from now and what I would say to that significant other because of how hurt I was at the time. Too many people had let me down, and I trusted people who never had my best interest at heart. I feel like I was telling myself, “Kofi, you're alright, you fine, stop stressin’,” and my heart wanted to let me know that I wasn't okay. It all came together in less than an hour, but I didn’t know what exactly the song was, the melody just caught me off guard. By the end of that night, I had a hook and a pre-chorus but no song yet, so I recorded it off my phone and kept it until weeks later when I finished writing it. The whole idea of it was a phrase or a sort of covenant to the commitment I desired in a relationship, which was honesty and trust. The narrative of the song changed over the course of six weeks but I eventually recorded 2 versions of “All in all”, one of them on my album.

What differentiates “All in All” from your past releases?

I had just dropped “3 digits,” which I got mad love for in Chicago, where I'm from, but when I started meeting new groups of people in the suburbs outside of the city, from churches and retreats, I knew that I couldn’t play my explicit content comfortably around them, I knew I had to come with a different approach. I wanted everyone to listen to my music, not just the hood, So I started listening to the more solemn ends of my playlists and studying R&B, rock, blues, and soul more now than before. I wanted this to be an album that had a sort of reverent love theme, but Bonsai was always much deeper than that. I ended up talking about heartbreak, depression, love, happiness, and overall growth. Bonsai was the realization that we are the stars that never existed (as stars) but as people. All in all was just another nugget in the bag for me.

What’s next for you?

That’s the question I want everyone to ask. That's the question on everyone's mind right now. Who knows? Will I do a rap album? Will I release a rock album? Will I release a soul or another bonsai album? Maybe a pop album? Collaborations maybe? I them guessing because I don't want you to know what to expect. But what I will say is I have much more still yet to be released, I have many more giveaways and adventures coming, and I have a BANGER dropping next month, so stay tuned if you will.



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