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Kontact Releases Catchy New Single “I Be Snitchin”

Kontact grew up in an urban poverty-stricken town of Vallejo California. Much like his music style, Kontact’s story is that of an unconventional one. The now talented beat maker wasn’t always as infatuated with music like he is today. He grew up lacking music in his life. Originally a gamer at heart, Kontact grew up not listening to any music ranging from radio to viewing videos. He became impressed however, by the soundtracks of some of his favorite games which includes Nights into dreams, and both Zeldas. Music was first introduced to Kontact with EDM music in middle school and to hip-hop legend Dr. Dre in high school. Kontact was hooked with his iconic album ‘2001’ captivating him in terms of the slick, innovative production.

Kontact released his single titled “I Be Snitchin” featuring “Frosty” and the song was a BANGER. The beat is perfect for a party. The club hit has a hitting bass with an wavy production. The beat automatically gets you dancing due to the energy it presents. “I be Snitchin” has an highly CONTAGIOUS hook. Kontact and Frosty had me singing alongside the song by the second time the hook came on. It’s one of those witty type of songs where you don’t know why you love it so much yet you become so addicted to it. You just begin repeating and repeating the lyrics and melody. We all have those songs that just instantly becomes glued to our memories and it’s hard for us to get it our of our heads. “I Be Snitchin” x Kontact is one of those type of records. The catchy and quick-witted lyricism represents fun and charismatic songwriting. It’s slightly comical but it’s all around just naturally amusing. Kontact undeniably hit the mark with this record and we enjoyed every single bit of it!

Catch "I Be Snitchin'" here, and keep scrolling for Kontact's exclusive interview.

Kontact, we love your new song “I Be Snitchin” - tell us about it!

I consider it comedy rap. I produced the song and an artist named Frosty did the vocals.

How did the creation of “I Be Snitchin” form?

It initially started as a joke and we just built upon it. In rap music the practice of snitching is frowned upon and feelings towards snitches are negative. We decided to flip the script and make snitching cool. We turned the song into a snitches anthem, a voice to represent all the snitches in the world.  

What was the most challenging aspect while creating “I Be Snitchin”?

Nothing actually. I have fun making beats and the recording session was fun and easy. We were just having fun building up on ideas.

What’s your personal favorite part in “I Be Snitchin”?

My personal favorite, along with many others, is the break where Frosty says over a loud speaker "Calling all autobots to snitch..."

What’s next for you Kontact?

We have some ideas for new songs and I am always looking for new artist to work with. In the mean time I continue to work on creating instrumental beats and licensing them to new recording artist to use in their projects.


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