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Kory Burns Releases A Hot and Heavy Banger With, "Sex In Miami"

The South Florida-based r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Kory Burns releases a feel-good and head-turning track entitled "Sex In Miami."

Burns' music is inspired by the many early 90s artists that ruled their genres of pop/r&b. The innovative and multi-talented artist always stays true to his roots as a writer and co-producer; he's managed to land gigs at Miami Music Week, Grammy in the Schools at the University of Miami for the Grammy Association, the MLK Day parade, and Sunfest.

Now releasing his sultry and groovy single, "Sex In Miami," Kory Burns felt inspired to write this song after meeting someone and going back to his hotel room where one thing led to another. Burns wrote the track with Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Carlos Battey alongside Sean McMillion.

Hitting play on "Sex In Miami," the song begins with a distorted hip-hop beat that drops into a smooth and sultry sonic atmosphere. As the drums begin to punch through our speakers, Kory Burns joins the party and begins to drench us in nothing but lust and desire. He grooves his way over to the hook and adds another playful and straightforward aspect with his sugary and descriptive lyricism.

We adore the melodic approach to hip-hop/r&b that Kory Burns has taken with this song, especially as the glimmering production continues to feed us with limitless passion, energy, and excitement. We must also mention Kory Burns' talented rhythmic abilities; he's able to jump into a sultry rap while transitioning back into his savory singing voice effortlessly, truly emphasizing his artistic range.

Get your freak on with Kory Burns' latest single, "Sex In Miami," available on all digital streaming platforms.

We can't get enough of the energetic and sultry tones of your latest single, "Sex In Miami." When did you begin writing lyrics and melodies for this track? How long was it in the making?

I went to the studio a few months back and came up with the idea about an hour prior to the session, we came up with everything within a few hours and we were out. We work very fast.

How did producers and writers Carlos Battey and Sean McMillion help bring “Sex In Miami” to life? What was it like working with them behind the scenes?

Working with them is always a good time. Lots of laughs and lots of telling me “Kory you can’t say that” during the writing sessions. They understand the direction I want to go in and we all really collaborate. Nothing feels forced or pushed.

How did you want to make the listener feel with "Sex In Miami"? What impact did you want the song to make on your audience?

I want this song to be a worldwide anthem. Who doesn’t want to come and have some Sex In Miami!?

Do you usually release such sexual, exciting, and stimulating songs like "Sex In Miami"? Or is this one of the more risqué songs in your discography?

This is definitely the most sexual song I’ve released. I’m more comfortable and confident with myself now and I think it’s going to show through my music.


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