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Kosmonauts Create "Falling Apart"

Rhythmic drum kicks and electric powerhouse vocals and detailed guitar riffs is just the combination that creates a dynamic band called Kosmonauts. Kosmonauts released their single titled “Falling Apart” and we don’t know which gives us the better sensation! Their highly energetic instrumental skills or widely diverse vocal range? Maybe you can figure that one out for yourself. However, we can break down this riveting piece into sections for you to determine what you love most about it! Starting with them electrifying vocals.

Kosmonauts has a classic vocal delivery that reminds me much of those popular rock jams back in the early days of 2000’s when in my opinion, rock music was thriving the most. Kosmonauts adenoidal resonance and foghorn projection was perfectly fitting for the record. The instrumental consistently keeps a steady fast tempo thanks to the explosive drumming. The drummer has a big job due to the fact that they’re pretty much one of the foundations for carrying the record forward (along with the guitars and vocalist of course) and they nonetheless succeeded in “Falling Apart”.  Kosmonauts is a talented band that knows how to curate rocking hits and weave the line between classic and contemporary mainstream that will skyrocket them as a timeless hit!

Remember to check out Kosmonauts "Falling Apart" on Spotify, and scroll down for their personalized interview!

Hey guys, can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

We're a 4 piece band from Mancester, United Kingdom. Who met online back in 2016 and since been together forming strong friendships, creating songs between us for everyone to enjoy. We are Rob Snarr (Vocals), Dean Chadwick (Drums), Callum Hollingsworth (Bass) and Kieran Wilkinson (Guitar).

Knowing you guys formed in Manchester, how is the music scene over there?

The music scene in Manchester is like any other major city competition amongst bands small and large to get yourself heard. We’re really proud to say that we’re from Manchester where many inspirational bands made the music industry what it is today. Although we feel like there is responsibility amongst bands to ensure the music industry doesn’t die in Manchester because a lot of our venues have been shutting down recently.

How different is “Falling Apart” from your previous releases including “When We Were Young”?

Falling apart is one of our favorite songs which we had a lot of fun recording the record. Compared to our earlier releases, we feel our music has progressed because of the band maturing together so our writing has followed suit. Becoming comfortable in the studio environment has helped progress the sound produced, through more experimentation and with more time we only this will continue. Falling Apart displays our writing capabilities individually and as a group, each combining our influences to form what it is now.

Do you guys have any musical influences? If so, who?

Our influences vary massively as each of us listen to different music so we’ve each decided to list a couple of our recent influences… Dean - Anberlin / Oceano Callum - JAWS / The Night Cafe Kieran - ISLAND / Tom Misch Rob - Foals / Arctic Monkeys - What was the creation process like for "Falling Apart"? For ‘Falling Apart’ as every song we go into the studio, experimenting and focusing on the smaller aspects that we feel make our songs stand out, and with the help of our producer, we're pushed to making our songs sound as best as we can. We recently decided to embrace this more Indie Pop sound and incorporate it into our music which our producer has helped execute. Rob explains in the song how it feels to be in an outsiders view on a failing relationship. Rather than being about the actual pain suffered it’s the anguish you feel for a couple that you can see are breaking down. A relationship that you also want to try to revive but the only option you see feasible is to part ways and start a fresh.

What’s next for Kosmonauts?

Next for KOSMONAUTS is wherever the ‘wave’ takes us after this latest release. We’re going to be releasing more and more new songs so make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for them!


Check out Kosmonauts on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest on the duo!



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