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Kosta Lois And Jonathan Mouton Raise The Question: Can You Really Be “Just Friends?"

If you ask people what Kosta Lois can't do, they will remain mighty silent. To sum up, the multifaceted Los Angeles creative reigns as an award-winning producer, composer, songwriter, and musician.

Having grown up in a musical family with a rich international musical background, Kosta not only works behind the scenes with some of music's hottest up-and-coming artists and hit songwriters - but loves to also express himself as an artist through his timeless productions and personal record label, Onesta Music Group.

Known to get the party started and drive his audience into atmospheres they didn't know they needed, Kosta Lois is an energetic ball of R&B meets dance fusion. Taking this title and running with it, "Just Friends" is the latest single his inimitable repertoire hurdles forth. The classic melodies he hones are reminiscent of the sounds of the 90s and early 2000s, all while embodying this lively energy that sits ever so gently in our souls. It just feels right when Kosta Lois is playing through the speakers. You hear just how he draws on worldly influences, and quite frankly, it's a breath of fresh air to listen to the reverberated harmonies he floats upon nostalgic instrumentation. If this track wasn't spicy enough, he has recruited vocalist and songwriter Jonathan Mouton to add to the seamless concoction of rhythm and an adorned narrative. However, it's worth adding that although Kosta Lois has a pronounced, radio-ready pop sound, there's nothing generic about the steamy lyrics and desired connection yearning from "Just Friends." When getting into the song's origin and the deeper meaning behind these intoxicating words we can't get out of our heads, Kosta says, "We sat in the studio and wrote out the song's melodies together. He then came to me with his lyrics, which he describes as following the sensual mood of the music, imagining that you wrote a journal entry about your friend revealing your love for them, and they found it." From what we've gathered from the lyrical chronicle caster Jonathan Mouton, amazing relationships may stem from solid friendships. Still, there's a blurred line when transitioning this extra mile into the physical realm of a relationship. If you want the tea served piping hot, do yourself a favor and press play on "Just Friends."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kosta! We're thrilled to have you here chatting about your latest single, "Just Friends." With a spicy narrative and the curiosity that stems from this record, let's dive into what the creative process looked like when you and Jonathan Mouton were creating.

Hey, thank you so much! Yes, well, the creative process stemmed from the music itself. Just Friends started with me putting a lot of energy into making a great instrumental track. I love dance and electronic music with many synths and keys, so I wanted to make something creative in that direction with a sexy vibe. I also like painting a visual picture with sound and inspiring a story. When Jonathan, the vocalist and co-writer, came and heard the track, much like we always do, we talked about the music and the emotions it brings out. Jonathan caught on to the sensual style of the music. He and I then collaborated on what the vocal melodies should be. I had a strong idea for the song's chorus, which he ran with, and then we bounced ideas back and forth until the rest of the vocal melodies came together. We then spoke about lyric themes in which J thought of going in the direction of a guy in love with their friend who wants to push the envelope and blur the lines into a romantic relationship. He returned to me the next day with some lyrics, which we tweaked a little, and then the rest is history!

How does it feel to bring forth a song that someone else writes versus yourself? Do you have to tap deeper into any emotions or headspaces to make it come to life?

Well... To expand on your question, even though I didn't write the lyrics to this one, we still collaborate in the direction the lyrics go. Remember, this song started with the music. And I have to love lyrics before putting them out and putting my stamp on them. As with any artist I work with, a great song is a great one! Even if I don't write a song at all, if I love the song, I will produce it and put it out! I always wonder about artists who aren't open to putting out HIT songs that are not theirs because you are still putting your voice or production on the songs and making them your own. And how many stories have we heard of artists who didn't want to sing someone else's song, for instance, but that song made their entire career? I didn't have to tap into anything because the music was mine; I already felt that vibe and watched the rest of a fantastic story come to life.

You have a refreshing sound that taps into various genres and subgenres. How would you describe your sound for people who still need to check your music?

You know what, that's an excellent question. I've not defined my sound completely; I'm trying not to put myself in a box even though I should think more about it. I always go towards what I love and what feels good. If you check out my work, you'll see that I love rhythmic pop with pristine, usually R&B-style vocals and some integrity in the song and production. That's a big reason why I named my label Onesta Music Group. "Onesta" is "Honest" in Italian. It describes my mission - to make honest music. If I'm not on a rhythmic kick, I also like to dig into other influences- piano-driven music, ballads, and jazz-inspired songs. But lately, I am pushing out chart-topping bangers for my specific artist project!

As a producer working with various artists, what do you take away from each experience you encounter?

Whenever I work with an artist, I learn something new and improve my work. I also want to become a better person and make the world a better place through the music we create. I've learned that any great song with the right artist is magic and that you don't have to change the artist but help make them the most excellent possible version of themselves. And I love working with artists from rock to pop to R&B, hip hop to country, poetic singer-songwriters, crooners to international singers, and everything in between. It's made me appreciate the culture of music that I'm lucky to work in daily and make my passion.

What are you looking forward to before closing the year out?

I'm looking forward to putting out the positive energy to meet more amazing new artists to work with! Looking for those unique acts that are out there.

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