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Tamarrow Discusses Latest Singles, “CHANGES” & “SAFE GUARD”

Welcome to Buzz, Tamarrow! We're so impressed by your artistic versatility displayed in both singles "CHANGES" and "SAFE GUARD." What made you want to release these singles back-to-back?

Thank you so much! The process of these two songs was heavily influenced by emotion and real-life events. During the process of making both, I was struck with a wide range of emotions, tackling grief, love loss, physical pain, and mental pain.

I'm on a mission trip where I'm working with a program out in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and soon Zambia for a length of 10 months. "Fighting with the poor," where I can help families in need.

This was one of the changes in my life that I had to prepare for mentally. These two songs coexist within each other's world, and for me personally, it's used as a reminder to say that I am ok and to protect myself from the unknown.

What sort of vibe or atmosphere were you aiming for with "CHANGES?" What or who might have influenced this particular style?

For "CHANGES," I wanted to highlight the beauty of dancing in sorrow. "CHANGES" is essentially a sad song that intertwines with grief. To dance within those moments of life is a reward within itself. I work with an engineer named Baytheproducer and his background of being Nigerian is written all over this song.

I wanted a sense of togetherness and the feeling of home, so the question arose, "What is home?" To me, it's the motherland called Utopia or, in other words, Africa. The lyrics say, "Am I lost, hard to find my way back home?" The energy of finding wholeness again and choosing to walk in the light even if you live in darkness. My influence stems from my study of African culture.

What inspired your emotional and relatable lyrics about safeguarding your emotions in "SAFE GUARD?" What life experiences made you write a song about that?

"SAFE GUARD" is a reflection song reflecting on mental health's importance. What makes this life worthwhile? How to overcome loneliness? What part of myself am I protecting? "SAFE GUARD" provides light in the darkest areas of a person's mind. Due to me having severe bleeding ability, I experienced mental health issues at a very young age.

Built trauma from physical pain has led to the thought of death and how excruciating pain can cause a mind to wonder how life is on the other side. Questioning Gawd, why me? I thought about how I felt when I was younger to really engage in these lyrics. It inspires me to say that I made it out of those dark times in my life to inspire the next person.

Did you work alongside producers or musicians when creating "CHANGES" and "SAFE GUARD?" Who helped bring those songs to life?

Definitely with "CHANGES" working with Baytheproducer, also known as Ladi, at "The Garden of Rhythm" by him making this beat. I gravitated to the vibrations that the rhythm brings to this song. Also, the melodic melodies and sounds of the whistle that are used as a calling to tell people it's time to dance, in my opinion, brought life to the song. For "SAFEGUARD" and "CHANGES," I vocally produced these tracks, and Baytheproducer vocally enhanced "CHANGES."

How are "CHANGES" and "SAFE GUARD" different from your previous releases in 2022 and prior? How do these songs set the tone for your future career?

"SAFE GUARD" and "CHANGES" are setting the tone for where I see my artistry increasing immensely. These two songs both show exactly where I am as an artist today. Regarding range and versatility, it shines a light on a superstar emerging.

The endless talent and potential of something great are shown within these tracks. Music from 2022 was more on finding Tamarrow and who that person is; the music today is more on this is Tamarrow, and this is what he brings to the table. These two songs set a bright future, long-awaited success, and abundance for the rising star.

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