Kris Angelis Reminisces Lost Love in a Powerful Single, "I'd Give Anything"

Recently releasing her sophomore album, 'The Skies We Look To,' the singer-songwriter and Country/Americana artist Kris Angelis shares her hopes and dreams with the album's lead single, "I'd Give Anything."

Packing her hopes, dreams, and broken heart into her little blue Prius while personally booking and playing shows in every state throughout 2019 led Kris Angelis on an adventure she never saw coming. Later releasing her EP, 'That Siren, Hope,' in 2020. The project reached #1 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts while also landing at #79 on Billboard's Top Current Albums.

Highlighting her latest single, "I'd Give Anything," off of her recent album, 'The Skies We Look To,' Kris Angelis has already garnered incredible and positive attention from the heartfelt release, landing the song on American Songwriter, New Music Nashville, Next From Nashville Official Spotify Playlist, while continuing to chart on Americana radio.

Listening to the passionate foot-stomper, "I'd Give Anything," the track opens with a punchy kick drum and Kris Angelis' powerful vocal stylings. As the upbeat song begins to expand with the addition of a bright fiddle, warm acoustic guitar, and lush piano melodies, Kris Angelis later dives into the song's concept surrounding her desire to give anything to get back into a relationship that turned to ash.

Moving towards the hook, we can feel a similar soul and sound to a prime-time Stevie Nicks, as Kris Angelis' broad vocal range and innate passion seeps through our speakers like a breath of fresh air. As the instrumentals continue to grow and develop into a powerful, stimulating, and heartfelt space, Kris Angelis makes her way to the outro while singing her deeply passionate, reminiscent, and compelling message.

Catch Kris Angelis' powerful single, "I'd Give Anything," on all streaming platforms, and don't forget to share some love with her sophomore 7-track album, 'The Skies We Look To.'

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kris Angelis, and congratulations on the release of your sophomore album, 'The Skies We Look To.' Why did you want to open the project with the powerful and heartfelt single, "I'd Give Anything"? How does the single set the tone for the album?

I thought it would be good to start the album off with some energy and it sets the tone of reflection and wanting to move forward through struggles and pain from the past into hope which makes sense as a theme especially coming out of the past year.

What inspired the creation of your passionate and powerful single, "I'd Give Anything?" How did the song's creation come about?

I was feeling regretful about the loss of things I had at a time when I didn't realize what I had. I was listening to some new music that I really liked the feel of in my car and then I just turned it off and basically sang the first verse of "I'd Give Anything" It was one of those cool moments where it happened all at once. Then I added more lyrics to that structure and wrote the chorus over the next couple of days. The verses are like cries of frustration and sadness, wishing things were different and acknowledging the value of what you had (there is gratitude in that as well) and then the choruses are reminding myself that time is still moving forward and the only way to get something like that again is to not waste more time, look forward, and find it again now that you know it's value.

Did you have any artists, songwriters, or musicians help out and feature on the single "I'd Give Anything?" Or was the creative process a solo experience?

The writing was solo and then I brought it to my producer Bill Lefler who played all the instruments and made the fun track for me to sing on! You can hear him whooping and stuff during the clapping and the very end is him opening the studio door after one of my vocal takes and expressing his excitement haha!

What sort of story or concept do you deliver within your recent album, 'The Skies We Look To?' What themes do you touch on throughout the project?

There're a lot of undercurrents of changing your stories in a way that feeds your heart and soul. For example, "Sunset" is about looking at experiences in your life like sunsets - beautiful but fleeting - and not blaming yourself for the ending. It's a reflective, pensive album about looking back and dealing with sadness while hanging on to hope and trying to steer your gaze forward and upward, thus "The Skies We Look To". People have looked to the skies for centuries for guidance in multiple ways, it's a symbol of infinite possibilities, and seeing the past in a positive light, so I thought it was a fitting title. And it comes from a lyric in one of the songs, "My Quiet" which encompasses these themes: "We tried to celebrate / the skies we looked to didn't have what it takes / we made wishes anyway / so our hearts that were breaking could beat another day."