Kris Angelis Taps Into Heartfelt Single, “Maybe Let’s Not Do Christmas This Year, (Ft. Abe Abraham)

Charismatic Singer and Songwriter, Kris Angelis serves up her latest single, “Maybe Let’s Not Do Christmas This Year,” featuring Abe Abraham.

Growing up on a farm in Florida, Kris Angelis began writing songs and learning to harmonize with her identical twin sister in their treehouse. She fuses Folk, Pop, and Americana music together as she paints sonic portraits that draw you into her masterpieces and brings you into her warm, comforting embrace.

Kris Angelis has been garnering attention worldwide with her numerous successes of being played on SiriusXM, climbing the Americana radio charts, and being on the first-round ballot for the Grammy Awards, making her a force to be reckoned with.

“Maybe Let’s Not Do Christmas This Year,” is a duet with Abe Abraham which zones in on all of the troubles that have gone on this year and wanting to be done with 2020. The holidays are a troubling time for some and this song focuses on wanting to avoid the hardest time of the holidays this year. The warm and soft strumming of acoustic guitar comforts you as the song initiates. The up-tempo drums in this record add a vivid and jolly feel to this record that captivates you immediately while singing the memorable hook repeatedly.

Kris Angelis carries a delicate sparkle through the delivery of each word she performs. The dynamic duo of her and Abe Abraham is nothing shy of exceptional as the tonal distinction in each of their vocals creates a harmonious grace that floats over the ease and elegance of the instrumentation. The switch of tempos during the song makes for an extremely pleasurable listening experience in this sonic voyage and what Kris Angelis’ has to offer is a wistful, desire to relate to her listeners while making her way to the top.

Hello Kris, congratulations on the release of, “Maybe Let’s Not Do Christmas This Year,” featuring Abe Abraham, and welcome to BuzzMsuic. This duet is simply striking. How did the two of you connect to do this collaboration?

Abe and I played a show at the same venue a couple of years ago and then earlier this year we connected again through email and over Zoom talking about song ideas and wanting to collaborate. I wrote the song basically the day before I was going to the studio to record, and I wanted to have a male voice on it.  I love Abe's voice so I called him and he was available so he came to the studio to sing harmonies and we thought it would be fun for him to sing a verse too. With each artist having a vastly different creative process, could you please take us into what yours encompasses?

I'm not sure how different it is from anyone else's but mine involves ruminating on life and love (whatever is occupying my heart and mind) and writing down my thoughts in my journal. Then at some point, I sit down with a guitar (sometimes at a piano) and put the key lyrics to music then build around that. I often write most of the lyrics before putting a melody to them but sometimes the melody builds off of the initial lyrics and then I fit lyrics to that melody. The whole process involves really feeling my emotions, deep-diving into memories, saying things I can't really say to people, listening to music, and getting inspired. Sometimes there are songs that really affect me and get right to the core of something and I'll decide that I want to make a song that feels like that. Then it evolves into whatever it's supposed to be.  What was the ambiance like in the studio setting when recording, “Maybe Let’s Not Do Christmas This Year,” featuring Abe Abraham?

Working with my producer Billy Lefler is usually just a fun time. That particular day we were both feeling kinda hyper. I had been given caffeinated coffee by accident (I always drink decaf) so I was all fired up and doing silly dances. It was a little slow going at the beginning because I had brought him this song that changes tempo in the middle of the song and he wasn't sure we could or should do it. I just kept smiling and saying "let's try it!" and he was game and it ended up being really cool and different. We have a push and pull dynamic that helps us both grow and there's lots of laughter. Abe showed up when it was time for vocals and he's super laid back and chill and did the harmonies so effortlessly. So, while the song starts out very melancholy and is a sad sentiment that came from a sad and frustrating feeling of not wanting to be reminded of the happier times or deal with the stresses that can come with the holidays, the creation process was lighthearted and I think somehow the song ends up having some of that feeling too. Maybe making it like that is just my way of coping and helping anyone who relates to the song, do the same. It doesn't go full "Bah Humbug" Or maybe it does but not in an angry way? What would you like listeners to take away from your music?

That they are not alone. That these feelings exist and sometimes you just need to really dive into them to get to the other side.  What was it like creating a 'Christmas' song in 2020?

Well as you can hear or deduce from the title, it's not exactly a happy song. It pulls from the emotional beating this year has given so many of us and just asks "Hey....could we maybe...not do all the holiday stuff that can be hard for people who have lost someone, feel lonely, don't get along with their families, maybe can't afford gifts, don't want to see all the engagements, struggle with addiction, etc, etc. Because especially after this year..."I don't know if my heart could take it. Let's just skip right to the new year" While it does have a somewhat negative view, I think that feeling is relatable and it's ok to have it. The song is more about looking forward and wanting to get to a better future already, than just being bummed. There is a line that admits that if we don't do the present, we won't get to the future. So it's like all the people feeling exhausted by this year metaphorically holding hands and walking into the party to try to make the most of it.