Krish Shows Us Why He’s the One to Watch with His New Single “Luv U Right Back”

Krish is an Indian-American pop artist, producer, and singer, who draws from electronica and R&B influences. This rising star started in 2017 with his debut album, titled “Roses & Bonfires”, which showcased the R&B and Hip-Hop influences that he grew up with in Up-State New York. Krish is unbelievably talented with a lot up his sleeve that we didn’t expect. We listened to his single titled “Luv U Right Back” and were immensely impressed.

The amount of personality and charisma this single had felt like a direct reflection of the exciting nature of Krish’s presence. Krish has proven to be a noteworthy artist and one to watch. With a trendy and cultivating record like “Luv U Right Back”, we’re quite unsure how anybody could not have the track on their playlist. It expresses the paranoia and mental stress that comes along with a long-distance relationship. “Luv U Right Back” is the vibe we all most definitely need and will remain embedded in your memories for quite a while. It has a type of aesthetic that the current market of mainstream music would thoroughly enjoy. Pairing minimalistic songwriting and production with eclectic sound design and unorthodox mixing techniques, Krish continues to unravel the new sound coming in his debut EP on East Vibe Publishing.

We need artists like Krish. There’s just something so addictive and invigorating about his music and artistry that you can’t help but fall in love with. We hope the music industry is ready because he is sure to be causing a storm of soundwaves in this upcoming year. 

Listen to Luv U Right Back here

Welcome to BuzzMusic Krish! We’re excited to have you on our platform and share your music with our readers. Mind telling us about your inspiration and reason for pursuing music? Thank you guys for having me! A lot of my inspiration just comes from what I see in life around me, and some of it is personal experiences. Honestly, the reason I pursue music is probably just because I'm hooked. A lot of artists and producers I've met say that it's like a drug, and once you get hooked on making music you're addicted haha. I don't think it's the best analogy but I definitely agree. In what ways does “Luv U Right Back” differentiate from your single “Like U” from your artist perspective?  'Like U' was probably the first song of mine that really grabbed an audience online. It opened a lot of doors for me and I'm thankful but I think from an artistic perspective, 'Luv U Right Back' and 'Like U' show just how far my production and songwriting skills have come.. at least in my opinion. One of the things that I try to focus on as much as possible is taking a far-out/creative idea and making it palatable to the most people, simplifying and bringing a sort of minimalism to the record. 'Luv U Right Back' is probably my best attempt at doing that haha. Definitely have more music like 'Like U' coming soon though, stay on the lookout. How were u able to personally relate to “Luv U Right Back”? What emotion did you channel in when writing this record?  Well, I wrote this song about my personal relationship with my girlfriend, we both go to college on long island but we're about an hour away. We also now live in different states when we're not in college, so this summer especially was probably the biggest inspiration for this record. The feelings were there the whole summer but I didn't really know how to put it into words and honestly, I probably didn't want to. But once you're able to come to terms with your own feelings it becomes a lot easier to write about them and turn them into a song. Everything's good now though don't worry HAHA. When releasing your sophomore EP titled, “In Your Absence”, were there any changes in your artistry you wanted to showcase as opposed to your debut? My debut EP was sort of this capsule of memories from high school. I really had no experience in the music industry or with the people in it. I had no idea how everything worked, I just made that record purely based on what I was feeling hanging around bonfires, partying, going for stupid long drives, and honestly just wasting time with my friends. 'In Your Absence' was more of me trying to figure out what I actually wanted to create in terms of the specific music. Definitely more inspired by what I was seeing around me rather than what I was personally going through. I think this next EP coming in January will probably be as personal if not more than my debut. How was the transition for you as an artist from “Roses & Bonfires” to “In Your Absence”? Did you feel more developed artistically to work on your second album?

Definitely. 'Runaway', the third record on "In Your Absence" is probably, in my eyes, my most artistically developed record till date. I was somehow able to tell stories the way I wanted to on there and everything just came across right, even when I listen to it now I feel exactly what I was feeling then. As the holiday season is approaching us and 2019 is coming to a close, what are you looking forward to in the new year Krish? I have one last record coming out this December and then I'm putting out an EP in January that I'm so stoked for. There's probably going to be a pretty intensive merch drop sometime January or February too. So many things coming in 2020 that I can't wait for. (possible tour next year wooo)