Krish Shows Us Why He’s the One to Watch with His New Single “Luv U Right Back”

Krish is an Indian-American pop artist, producer, and singer, who draws from electronica and R&B influences. This rising star started in 2017 with his debut album, titled “Roses & Bonfires”, which showcased the R&B and Hip-Hop influences that he grew up with in Up-State New York. Krish is unbelievably talented with a lot up his sleeve that we didn’t expect. We listened to his single titled “Luv U Right Back” and were immensely impressed.

The amount of personality and charisma this single had felt like a direct reflection of the exciting nature of Krish’s presence. Krish has proven to be a noteworthy artist and one to watch. With a trendy and cultivating record like “Luv U Right Back”, we’re quite unsure how anybody could not have the track on their playlist. It expresses the paranoia and mental stress that comes along with a long-distance relationship. “Luv U Right Back” is the vibe we all most definitely need and will remain embedded in your memories for quite a while. It has a type of aesthetic that the current market of mainstream music would thoroughly enjoy. Pairing minimalistic songwriting and production with eclectic sound design and unorthodox mixing techniques, Krish continues to unravel the new sound coming in his debut EP on East Vibe Publishing.

We need artists like Krish. There’s just something so addictive and invigorating about his music and artistry that you can’t help but fall in love with. We hope the music industry is ready because he is sure to be causing a storm of soundwaves in this upcoming year. 

Listen to Luv U Right Back here