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Kristen Beckwith Gets Real & Vulnerable with Listeners in "Victory"

Singer/Songwriter Kristen Beckwith is all for opening herself transparently to listeners.

With a heavy interest in communicating key thoughts and feelings to listeners, Kristen Beckwith has always aspired to relate and humble others.

Choosing to pursue music only a couple of years ago, Kristen has already worked to install her presence as a music artist, especially with the release of her emotionally-driven track, "Victory."

Deep and canorous piano melodies open up "Victory," which inherently establishes the songs persistent ambiance. Kristen Beckwith provides an affecting vocal performance with "Victory," honing in on emotionally-packed verses that solidify the motives of the track. We're exposed to various realities of sentiment, experimenting with a multitude of thoughts regarding human potential and the resulting contemplation that can arise with such introspection. There's not a moment where we don't feel drawn into the effect Kristen Beckwith establishes within her song, which primarily occurs due to the vulnerable performance she undergoes.

Kristen Beckwith highlighted her ability to influence one's sentiment and ultimately embodied real and personable life understandings. With the release of "Victory" came a new understanding of who Kristen Beckwith is an artist, as well as how she chooses to communicate key messages to her listeners.

Considering the emotional component that was potently integrated within "Victory", would you say that it was trivial to write and record the track?

Definitely not. In fact, this was quite an emotional song to write. I wanted to be as authentic and real as possible, to give the experience I was writing about the credit it deserved. In fact, a lot of tears were shed during the writing process of this song. Recording it was emotional as well. Not only does this song hold so much meaning, but it was also the very last song we recorded for the album. Over two years of writing and recording went into making this album. 

What kind of emotive were you hoping to impart onto listeners with the release of "Victory?"

I've always said that I want to move people with my music the way that music moves me. "Victory" is a song that embodies real-life tragedy along with real-life victory. It comes from my personal experience battling mental illness. We all experience difficult and dark days and I knew that I wanted this song to be both relatable and victorious. The difficulty is a reality, but so is overcoming. The ups and downs are what creates life. I wanted to express that as realistically as I could in this track, using one of my most difficult and personal experiences.

What're some main differences you noticed within yourself as an artist whilst crafting "Victory", compared to how your artistry displayed itself across other singles you've crafted?

"Victory" took over a year to write, unlike any of my other songs. It was a completely different song for about a year until I decided to rewrite it. I knew it needed some major changes, but I hadn't been ready to make them yet. This summer I sat down and reworked the entire song with the result being a completely new song, new chord progressions, and new lyrics. Some of the lyrics remained, and the overall meaning was the same. But I knew it needed to be even more real and stripped down. I knew I needed to dive deeper into my experience to make it the song it needed to be. There are all sorts of songs on the album, from happy, to funny, to sad. This song is definitely among the deepest and meaningful on the album.

Are you preparing to release any further music in the near future, or possibly any live virtual shows?

I have been doing live shows every Thursday and as of now will continue! I will also be releasing two Christmas singles this November/December! 

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

Good question! Music is my heart and soul and passion. I have a very strong drive within me to share my music with as many as need and want it. That drive can get me in trouble sometimes when I overwork myself haha! Ultimately my fans and listeners inspire me. If I can touch hearts and give the gift of music that heals and uplifts and resonates, I am fulfilled and driven to keep going. 





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