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Krsnafari Explores Sound Healing in a Debut EP, 'The Last of Us'

The London-based trio and Vedic-Afro-Futurist collective Krsnafari strives to push positivity and transformation as they release their debut 5-track EP, 'The Last of Us.'

Comprised of Nitaiji, Jahraswati, and Satnav, Krsnafari joined forces in June 2020 when realizing their shared vision towards the powers of sound healing and how it can heal wounds that medicine cannot. Merging genres like hip-hop, tech, house, drill, r&b, and reggae, Krsnafari also incorporates spiritual mantras into their music to leave positive effects on the listener.

Now introducing their debut 5-track EP, 'The Last of Us,' is a prime example of how Krsnafari carefully cultivates their sound to heal listeners and spread messages of mental health, wellbeing, and spirituality. "We hope that this EP will be able to show people that we can't sit back and let our inner demons win; we have the power to be the best we can be. Purity is the force," states Krsnafari.

Through their genre-defying musical approach, Krsnafari fuelled this EP with versatile sounds that weave various influences while touching on topics like street crime, mental health, and economic inequality. Allow Krsnafari to make a difference in your life through their debut 5-track EP, 'The Last of Us,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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