Ksenia Is Going From Small Town to Big Accomplishments

The one and only Ksenia is known for combining powerful emotional performances with an ambient club vibe that will leave you breathless. Each song this icon release reinforces herself in the pop music landscape, leaving her fans hungry for more. Ksenia describes her sound as having “the edginess of Rihanna, the soulfulness of Sam Smith, and the sensitivity of Ed Sheeran.” Alongside being inspired by the likes of such stars, the powerhouse singer is also consistently driven to create using past relationships and the encouraging success stories of those in the spotlight as fuel. Ksenia has bigger aspirations and dreams for herself than just simply a singer. That’s right! She would eventually like to piece together her one-woman show, calling it “My Russian Accent is Ruining My Career”, a masterful piece that allows her to combine her love of acting, music, as well as comedy.

In 5 years, she sees herself growing into a bigger star and even hosting SNL. She’s proving to be more than just a singer with a good voice. Her business mentality, multi-talented skills, and multi-faceted characteristics make her a stand-out artist and brand as a whole.

The Russian-born entertainer is currently wrapping up her 7-track EP and working on bringing her newest song “Fire” to life with a beautifully orchestrated music video. Her single “Let Somebody Love You” is currently climbing the Spotify charts with 120k listens, available for streaming everywhere. Ksenia is most definitely the artist to be on the lookout for in 2020. The dynamic success she encountered in the year of 2019 proves that. From a small town in Russia to the bright Hollywood lights, Ksenia currently lives as a bicoastal artist and just wants to bring her love of music and entertainment to the rest of the world. She’s not only speaking to herself, but to her friends and fans alike. It goes without saying that this is only the beginning of the up and coming star. Anyone would be remiss not to pay close attention.

Listen to Ksenia here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Ksenia! Tell us, how was it growing up in Russia!? In what ways is your upbringing incorporated in your music?

Growing up in Russia was fun! I was always so busy: music school, comedy group, dance classes, singing competitions. I was never resting. I was actually thinking recently, that I am so glad my parents are such nice people and they raised me well. I was also singing in Russian traditional folk music group and there is a certain way you sing Russian traditional song and I still have a bit of it in my performance! I also co-wrote a song, “Tell Me” based on a very old Russian folk song. I think it’s so cool to incorporate my Russianness into pop music.

Your single, “Keep Walking” is gaining great success for you so far! What was the initial vision you had for this record?

Yay! Thank you! I wanted to write a song with a bit of an attitude. Like hey you, keep walking the other way! No more talking! This is over! It turned out the way I wanted. Also, my music producer is a badass, she gets me so well. Whenever I bring new ideas for the song, we just rock and roll it!

Knowing you have plans on releasing a visual to “Keep Walking” on December 3rd, how was the video process? Did you encounter any challenges during the creative process for it?

Yes, releasing a dance music video for my song, “Keep Walking”! My performance shots were on the Brooklyn Bridge, I wanted it to be a metaphor that I am crossing that bridge and I am done. I also wanted to tell a story through dancing as well! I am super passionate about ballroom dancing and I am the very beginner at it. The biggest challenge was to dance and act and to lock my knees. Rumba is soo hard, but I love it so much!

What inspired you to write “Keep Walking?

Keep Walking was inspired by one narcissistic person. Narcissists love to play mind games, it’s a cruel game they play, you think there is something real going on but for them, it’s just a game so they can feed their huge ego! That's why there are lyrics “it was a love story without love and heartbreak without heart”.. cuz it was just a game all along, and by the time I figured that out, I didn’t want to curse him out. I just said to “Keep Walking”!

With plans on hosting your own one-woman show, can you hint to us the vision you have for it?

My one-woman show will open with standup. It will be a mini Saturday night live with Ksenia. Music, comedy and acting and lots of visuals on the screen. It’s still in the works, but I promise it to be very entertaining!

We’re so excited about this upcoming EP you’re planning on releasing! Can you tell us what we may expect from this project?

I am so excited too! I am so proud of my latest music. I put all my heart and soul into it. People can def to get to know me better and find out how sensitive I really am. I worked on this EP the entire year, and every song is very meaningful to me.