Ksenia Wants You To “Let Somebody Love You”

Ksenia is an up and coming pop artist from Nakhodka, Russia. Her ambient pop and electronic fusion sets her apart in the music industry in a big way. She pairs her emotive lyricism over contemporary tracks and empowers women all over the world. The daughter of a guitar player and pianist, Ksenia grew up with a multitude of musical influences. Performing from a young age, Ksenia knew her passion for the arts early on in life. Her ambition and dedication to her passion led her to an eventual move to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. 

Her debut single “Let Somebody Love You” features Ksenia angelic vocals that will blow you away instantly. When the beat drops we’re introduced to smooth synth pop track with elements of R&B and soul. The pleading love anthem “Let Somebody Love You” is fully packed with reminiscent feelings we've all experienced. Ksenia pours her heart and soul into the powerful lyrics. She puts her heartfelt poetry on display for her fans to find connections within the music. Ksenia is always making music that her fans and listeners can relate to. Ksenia is an inspiring and empowering female artist who’s on her way to the top. We can’t wait to see what she delivers next! 

Check out “Let Somebody Love You” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Ksenia!

Hi Ksenia! How did your musically enriched upbringing affect who you are as an artist?

I am still thanking my mom for putting me through music school because learning to play piano developed me immensely! The ability to read, play music, and understand the music structure makes me a better singer and songwriter.

Who are you musical influences and how do you draw inspiration from them?

I am very much influenced my contemporary pop music. I love Ed Sheeran so much; how he write songs and how his songs will take hold of you emotionally. I love Dua Lipa’s deep soulful voice. And Sam Smith’s emotional songs are some of my favorites. You know how you hear a line in a song and you think, “Damn it, I wish I wrote it?” For example, in Post Malone’s song, “Better now” there is a line: “I promise, I swear to you, I’ll be okay. You’re only the love of my life.” It’s so simple and meaningful and that inspires me. I am constantly thinking of song concepts and ways to put feelings into words, but in a way that hasn’t been said yet. 

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics in “Let Somebody Love You”?

The meaning is simple: You got to stop being so emotionally unavailable and let somebody love you. Nowadays, everyone is playing it too cool. Everything is so casual and nobody wants to open up to each other and be vulnerable. Because if you’re vulnerable you might get hurt, and no one wants to get hurt. I feel that a ton of people can relate to this song. We got to try to love freely even if there is a chance of getting hurt, because if not, then what is the point? 

What emotions did you channel when writing this song?

It’s a sad song to me. I listen to it now and I get sad. I was reflecting on a relationship that didn’t work out in my life. It really doesn’t feel good to be with a person and not having that person choose you. They’re always looking for someone better or something else. So the emotion I channeled is pain mixed with reflection and sadness.

What’s next for you?

I really love music the storytelling part of it. So I am currently working on creating visuals for my songs! I have so much music coming soon and I can’t wait to share!!! 


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