Kuhr Releases The Staggering and Breathtaking Hit, “Superior”

Kuhr is a lo-fi chill hip-hop producer and recording artist mixing a sentimental and bittersweet feeling into the songs he makes. We took a listen to his record titled Superior” and it began with a theatrical and aromatic beginning, before the unique beat transitions in and the soft-like and incomparable vocals by Kuhr comes in.

“Superior” is an interesting song due to how unique and captivating it is for us as listeners. I would be lying if I said I heard a song this circumstantial and complete. I’m a personal fan of atmospheric music. Songs that just seize the moment, capture you, and helps you forget about the outside world and everything around you. This specific sensation is heightened in “Superior” and we loved it. You’re apart of the song. Intertwined with every vibration, lyric, and component to the record. On my Spotify playlists, I have something for every mood I'm in. my climatic playlists are something I truly cherish. They’re emotionally and mentally healing, and just a breath of fresh air. “Superior” fits right into this category as the radiation of divergence just takes over. Kuhr should not be slept on, and we are wide awake on what this producer/creator can deliver. He doesn’t categorize himself in a genre, and he attempts to achieve something different every time he’s in his creative space.

Give a listen to Kuhr's latest track here, and continue reading for the artists personalized interview with BuzzMusic!


Hey Kuhr! Mind telling our readers a bit about where you’re from and your upbringing?

I grew up in Fairfax, Virginia to a first-generation Korean-American father and a Caucasian mother, with an older brother and a younger sister. Growing up, we lived with my Korean-side grandmother who made sure we kept our Korean roots by partaking in traditions. We were naturally a close-knit family, making an effort to always spend time with extended family. When I felt my calling for music, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee for college and to pursue my own music career.

What inspired you to pursue music? When did you first realize that this was something you were meant to do?

My first exposure to creating music was in fourth grade when I took up the cello. To me, it was the perfect instrument to start out with. Being classically-trained from a young age ultimately helped me out when later I first started producing. And although at first I sounded like a dying cow -  as my mother says - I really enjoyed it and it taught me the patience to not just practice, but to "practice perfect." It wasn't until around 8th grade, when I started learning music software such as Logic, that I realized this was something I could really devote myself to in life.

What’s the most challenging aspect of producing?

I think the most challenging aspect of producing isn't so much the actual producing, so much as it is my habit of tweaking as I go. The audio engineer in me is a bit of a perfectionist and I often get caught up mixing something I just added and this can slow the process. If I spend hours just tweaking the sound of a guitar or how much compression the kick drum needs, I lose focus on what else could be added to the production. I have gotten much better about it from when I started, learning that it is ok that it doesn't sound perfect in its first drafts and that it will come together with time.

Listening to “Superior” was almost inconceivable. What was the theme and vision you had for this record?

Superior was one of my favorite tracks to write so far, both production and lyrics. I wanted to capture a bittersweet feeling I have about life; that I appreciate where I am now, and how far I've come from what I used to be. In life, we are all bound to experience much beauty and equally much pain - but from these experiences we come out better versions of ourselves. For "Superior," I never wanted it to sound explicitly sad or too happy so it could reflect this idea in particular - that life is full of balance.

How do you plan on elevating your next song from something so phenomenal as “Superior”?

Really, I plan to just keep creating for the sake of creating. I care more about putting out something I am happy to share and to not just meet deadlines by rushing myself. Some of my best work has come out of allowing myself to freely create, play around with ideas, and just experiment. I often go out of my 'comfort-zone' and try to challenge myself by working with artists in genres that I am not as familiar in and this opens a lot of possibilities.


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