Kuhr Releases The Staggering and Breathtaking Hit, “Superior”

Kuhr is a lo-fi chill hip-hop producer and recording artist mixing a sentimental and bittersweet feeling into the songs he makes. We took a listen to his record titled Superior” and it began with a theatrical and aromatic beginning, before the unique beat transitions in and the soft-like and incomparable vocals by Kuhr comes in.

“Superior” is an interesting song due to how unique and captivating it is for us as listeners. I would be lying if I said I heard a song this circumstantial and complete. I’m a personal fan of atmospheric music. Songs that just seize the moment, capture you, and helps you forget about the outside world and everything around you. This specific sensation is heightened in “Superior” and we loved it. You’re apart of the song. Intertwined with every vibration, lyric, and component to the record. On my Spotify playlists, I have something for every mood I'm in. my climatic playlists are something I truly cherish. They’re emotionally and mentally healing, and just a breath of fresh air. “Superior” fits right into this category as the radiation of divergence just takes over. Kuhr should not be slept on, and we are wide awake on what this producer/creator can deliver. He doesn’t categorize himself in a genre, and he attempts to achieve something different every time he’s in his creative space.

Give a listen to Kuhr's latest track here, and continue reading for the artists personalized interview with BuzzMusic!

Hey Kuhr! Mind telling our readers a bit about where you’re from and your upbringing?

I grew up in Fairfax, Virginia to a first-generation Korean-American father and a Caucasian mother, with an older brother and a younger sister. Growing up, we lived with my Korean-side grandmother who made sure we kept our Korean roots by partaking in traditions. We were naturally a close-knit family, making an effort to always spend time with extended family. When I felt my calling for music, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee for college and to pursue my own music career.