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KVNE And Jerelle Collab On New Killer Track "Blue Flame"

Jerelle has been grinding ever since 2008. Since he was a child, he began writing poetry, singing, and thinking about music on a daily basis. Once he grew old enough to perform at local bars and venues, Jerelle reached the realization that music is what he wanted to do.

Kevin Edworthy whose musically known as KVNE resides all the way in Hamilton, Ontario. Aside from being an upcoming urban artist, he’s an executive producer and founding partner of the independent label, TheKillaKollective. Kevin got his first run at the music industry at the early age of 13 where he started his first band and toured around with renowned Canadian acts. As the years passed, KVNE realized that he had the potential to uniquely sculpt his craft through his adaptability to music. Having to experience numerous sides to the musicality of the industry which included engineering, songwriting, and more, Kevin began manufacturing his artistry.

Both artists are highly passionate about their career choice and they came together to deliver a memorable hit, released today, titled "Blue Flame"

The song has a highly trendy and wavy beat that’s perfect for getting the party started. One artist sings and moves the vocals forward with an infectious melody and absorbing sound. He emphasizes the hook for the listener by conveying the perfect emotion that’s fitting for the aesthetic of the record. The rapper gives you a clean-slated flow with no signs of error in his projection. He knows how to curate the right amount of energy for the song to carry and push it forward. With the vocalist’s smooth-sailing resonance serenading its listener, the rapper tops it off with some urban swag and flare to the record. “Blue Flame” is a song that I’ll personally categorize as R&B and hip-hop. It has the industrial root of R&B which requires soul and passion with the appealing aura of the hip-hop culture. If you need a summer tune to get you through your day to day activities, “Blue Flame” is the perfect contagious jingle you must have on your playlist!

Listen to "Blue Flame" here and get to know more about Jerelle and KVNE below!

Hey Jerelle & KVNE, it's great to chat with the both of you! Can you tell our readers a bit about your backgrounds? 

I was born in Kitchener-Waterloo, a city just west of Toronto. My Mom was very influential in my life musically. Once I hit high school, music became my main focus.Since 2016 I moved to Mississauga for music and starting working with the talented Sofia and together we are Beware.  

Congratulations on the fresh release of "Blue Flame". What was your individual roles in creating the new single? 

We have been waiting for too long to get this one out to everyone. I had the song pretty much finished when we brought it to KVNE. But I knew I needed him on it from the start.

"Blue Flame" has a unique and intricate beat. Can you tell us about the recording process of the song? What does this song mean to the both of you?

My in-house producer @IXIIIbeats (Courtney Rose) and I got into a session one night. We always make a few beats and I’ll take them and sit on the writing for a minute and come back to them when I feel something. Right when I came up with the hook I had a certain voice in mind.. When we connected with KVNE we knew it fit perfectly. I wrote the verses about a girl in my life and how our relationship initially sparked. Once I had the idea that she was a “Blue Flame” it was a wrap. When we got into the studio.. the song just came together so well, we had the hook laid out in a matter of minutes. The verses took some re-building with KVNE and $olomon writing a tight bridge mixed with the new vibe.. just like that. We had a smash. I like the way the song has a vibe that fits a summer mood. The bass will have everyone who hears it moving and singing along. 

We've been following your socials and saw that you just collaborated on a tour in Canada. Seems like the both of you are a powerhouse team! What was it like touring together? What was a highlight moment for the both of you?

Collaborating with KVNE has been so much more than that.. He’s been such a inspiring force for us in this industry.. He’s a mentor and a good friend through this. The tour was a fun for us.. We enjoy being on stage and hearing our lyrics sang back to us.. It’s our drive and passion through thick and thin. My favourite part of the tour personally was getting to share the stage with KVNE and play this song live before anyone heard it, we got to see real reactions and we have been very excited to get this one to our fans and supporters. 

What's next for the both of you? Can we expect any more hits from Jerelle & KVNE together? 

You can expect a lot more from us. Expect some sooner than you think. The summer is just beginning. Thanks BuzzMusic!


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