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Kvng Shad Gives Us Inspiration With "City of Misery"

Kvng Shad is an upcoming hip/hop and R&B artist based out of Columbus Ohio who released his single titled “City Of Misery” that showcases not only his nasal yet wavy vocals, fun wordplay, and a nice fluent rap flow. The “City Of Misery” sound is highly festive for the current spring break energy that’s surrounding us currently. It’s the most fitting and appropriate hit record to blast on full volume in a car with your friends , local party, or any function you’re planning on having this vacation! With a turn-up beat and a fun delivery, “City Of Misery” is the perfect example of hip-hop culture representing the charisma in people. The song is outgoing, charming, and just all around joyful. Kvng Shad recently released his tape titled 18:18 Legends Never Die on Black Friday of 2018. When we asked the artist his inspiration behind his new project he stated.

” In my culture it’s a blessing to see the age 18. I lost my brother Asyrus last year at age 18 and my uncle Raheen died in the early 2000s at age 18. With this album I want it to celebrate my 18 yrs and the motivation of living beyond those years to become the legend I am destined to be”

A thriving independent star on the rise, Kvng Shad hopes to find a home with many of the iconic record labels that’s out today. With a hit like “City Of Misery” on his belt, a song that has the mainstream appeal and attractive elements to be presented to someone of position to elevate the career of Kvng Shad, we’re almost positive he will find that comforting home sooner or later!

Listen to "City of Misery" here and scroll below for Kvng Shad's interview with BuzzMusic!


Kvng Shad, great to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career in the music industry?

I’m a chill person. I like basic things like sitting in the house chilling with my family or going to the movies. Since I was young music has always been an escape for me when I go through things my main plan is to pick up the pen. It wasn’t until my brother past I knew I had to take things to another level , I still remember when rapping or singing was just fun to me. Or just something I’d do at school with my friends. But now being the eldest of 11 siblings and my mom taking on 3 jobs now to provide for us I figured I’d step up to the mic and put my talents to work.

We admire your braveness for you opening up about the loss of your brother. Do you keep him in the back of your mind when creating music?

It’s like sometimes I wanna cry but instead of tearing up I speak what I feel in the studio. I miss my brother every single day but I’m not the only one my little brothers and sister, my mom, my dad, my niece.... my whole family has to deal with the pain of him being gone. So when I write my brother is everywhere in my mind the front and the back.

Your tape 18:18 Legends never die is filled with many hit songs, do you have any personal favorites? If so which and why!

Lol I appreciate that, my favorite songs would have to be “Depression”, “ Crash” and “F*ck the other side”. I choose these three because depression was something I had a hard time with. Crash was my song to help me deal with my trust issues when it comes to relationships and F*ck the other side is a big achievement to me.

What was your inspiration behind writing “City of Misery”?

Everyone in my city was dying around me. My brother Sy, Jman, Ricky... there are so many to name, and it seemed like there was no more happiness left in my city. So, this is how I expressed how I was feeling at the time.

Tell us a little bit about your other release “Save Me” and what inspired you to write this heart-rendering single!

“Save me is a song about my brother and honestly how I felt in my heart about his death. Once I listened to Meek Mills version I knew it was the perfect song to tell how I felt. You can also check out a little song on the web named “ Never be the same” on the Doc Robinson “Licks” album it shares a similar but more in-depth feeling surrounding my brothers death.”

What's next for Kvng Shad through 2019?

I have more songs that you can check out on my YouTube (Officialkvngshad), also working on major projects coming soon. This year I'm hyped to say I have shows in different countries and cities. You can follow me on all social media platforms @ to see more of my music and my journey.


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