Kwesi Jamaal Lights Our Fire With His Upbeat Debut Single, "Afrikan Qween"

Born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Toronto, Ontario, the Trinidadian Afro-fusion Artist and Singer/Songwriter Kwesi Jamaal releases his debut single, "Afrikan Qween."

Kwesi Jamaal fuels his tracks with inspiration from his city, keeping the 6ix and his roots in his heart and sound.

Blending genres like Afrobeat, Soca, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and Dance-Pop, Kwesi Jamaal is adamant about creating music that allows the listener to move and groove. "My music's both sensual and energetic. It's meant to excite you... It's a captivating experience from the moment it kisses your ears that will romance your heart for a lifetime," States Jamaal.

Precisely executing the above statement with his debut single, "Afrikan Qween," Kwesi Jamaal demonstrates vast talent through the song's versatility and dynamic range. Ultimately capturing the uplifting vibes that Dancehall and Afrobeat have to offer, Kwesi Jamaal keeps our attention locked in with his passionate lyricism and melodic vocals.

Diving into the single "Afrikan Qween," the track opens with the brightest production through upbeat drum patterns, short yet melodic synths, and a synthetic driving bassline. Listening to Kwesi Jamaal's lyrics, he explains an utter devotion towards someone who can't escape his mind, perfectly capturing the song's uplifting atmosphere alongside the glossy production.

Not to mention the song's praise and appreciation towards the inner and outer beauty of African women across the globe who hold their roots with pride and honor, we highly admire Kwesi Jamaal's lyrical content as he pays tribute to the beautiful women who make the world go round.

Kwesi Jamaal has our toes tapping with the release of his shimmering debut single, "Afrikan Qween," as he begins his career with a bang and a bop.

Hello Kwesi, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Afrikan Qween." What inspired you to create a song that pays tribute to the beauty of African women?

"Afrikan Qween" was inspired by my genuine love and appreciation for the beauty, diversity, magic, and power of mama Africa’s daughters- continental and diasporic. The song was written as a romantic, sensual and energetic love ode to Black Queens worldwide! I believe in the power of love. I believe in the empowerment of love. I believe that unapologetic love, genuine acknowledgment of each other- are the first steps towards our united and beautiful journey of healing, in a world that still makes it challenging for us to do so. My hope is for this song and the gorgeous visuals that will soon accompany it, adds positively to that endeavor.

Did you create the production yourself for your single "Afrikan Qween?” Or did you have any producers/engineers to help define the sonic atmosphere you were looking for?

Personally, I identify as Afro-Caribbean and was raised in Toronto, Canada's multicultural "melting pot". My upbringing and environment exposed me to many different cultures and music. Inclusive of African Afrobeat, Caribbean Calypso/Soca/Dancehall, and American Dance-Pop music. “Afrikan Qween” was produced and engineered by Nate Smith at Wav1Sound. In our coming together, we created a musical fusion influenced by the vibrant sounds of Afrobeat, Soca, and Dance-Pop music- the perfect sonic soundscape for my lyrical tribute.

Seeing as your single "Afrikan Qween" is your debut, are you currently working on any other projects?

Ouu yes! I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my debut EP (not yet titled) set to be released in Fall 2021. The song themes are about the affairs of the heart (love, romance, relationships), positive feel-good energy, and enjoying life with danceable music as inspiration. Production is by Nate Smith at Wav1Sound and together we’ve curated vibrant, sensual, energetic mood music for listeners to groove to and fall in love with.

How do you manage to find inspiration nowadays? What's been keeping you motivated to write music, especially your single "Afrikan Qween?”

Inspiration for me is strongly connected to my emotions and feelings. While my motivation is connected to events outside of me that compels me to take action. “Afrikan Qween” was inspired by my genuine love and admiration for Black women and my appreciation for their significance period. I was motivated to write a sensual and energetic love ode in direct response to the far too often lack of positive portrayal of African Black women in our history books, mainstream music, film, media, etc. My hope is for this song to encourage positivity, self-love, appreciation, and empowerment.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

I believe 2020 provided us with opportunities to really face ourselves, to face each other, and admit that our commonalities actually outweigh our differences. That we all share similar vulnerabilities and we all need similar things to make us feel safe and feel loved. That when faced with unimaginable challenges/circumstances, united together, we prove that we are super resilient, adaptable, and capable of making significant changes that benefit us all. My belief in thinking positively, acceptance that shit happens, refusal to give up on myself/dreams, and genuine desire to connect with others through honest feel-good music, helps keep me motivated to create. My advice to artists finding it difficult to create music in these challenging times is this- Revisit and remember your 'why'. Be patient with yourself and trust your process. Allow yourself to have fun again, and remember that music is a gift to us first before it’s a present to others!