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Kyle McKearney Is A “Rebel Child”

Kyle McKearney is a Canadian country music artist who is quickly making a name for himself with his unique blend of country, blues, R&B, and rock 'n' roll. His latest album, 'A Traveler's Lament,' produced by JUNO Award-winning producer Russell Broom, is a testament to Kyle's ever-evolving musical prowess as he continues to showcase his powerful voice and engaging storytelling.

Kyle's roots run deep in his small-town northern British Columbia upbringing and his family's Metis heritage. These elements shine through in his music, marked by raw honesty and authenticity. The industry has recognized this authenticity, with Kyle receiving numerous nominations and awards for his work.

His debut album, 'Down-Home,' released in 2021, received two Canadian Country Music Award nominations, two Western Canadian Music Awards, three Country Music Alberta nominations, and two YYC Music Award nominations. Kyle was nominated for three Canadian Folk Music Awards and three Country Music Alberta Awards in 2023.

Kyle's latest single, "Rebel Child," is a classic, upbeat track that showcases his versatility as a musician. The song is a fun, foot-tapping number that will get listeners dancing. Kyle's voice is strong and clear, and he effortlessly blends elements of country, blues, R&B, and rock 'n' roll into a cohesive whole.

The song's lyrics tell the story of a rebellious child unafraid to take risks and chase their dreams, even in the face of opposition. Kyle's storytelling abilities are fully displayed here as he weaves a relatable and inspiring tale. The song's infectious melody and catchy chorus will have listeners singing along in no time.

"Rebel Child" is an excellent addition to Kyle McKearney's growing discography. It is a fun, upbeat track showcasing his musical range and ability to craft engaging, relatable stories through his lyrics. Fans of country, blues, R&B, and rock 'n' roll will all find something to love in this song, which will surely become a staple of Kyle's live performances.

Get free with this one out everywhere.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kyle McKearney. Kudos for the nostalgic feelings on "Rebel Child" Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the lyrics of "Rebel Child?" Did a particular experience or person inspire you to write this song?

Hi folks. Thanks for having me. Yes, I have a particular memory of fighting in grade school. I repeatedly punched another kid in the face until I felt the fight was over. My friends thought it was all so cool, but the look in that kid's eyes and the painful sounds from his mouth destroyed and changed me. His name was Buddy, and he lived in the trailer park down the street from our school. Buddy got into trouble all the time. He had homemade haircuts and hand-me-down clothes. All of us made fun of him until that day. I could feel he was in much more pain than I had caused him. He was humiliated, isolated and alone. After that, I told everyone to be nice to him, and thankfully, they listened. This song is my attempt to care for that poor child and others like him. These kids are victims of circumstance and need extra love even if their circumstances make us uncomfortable. We have to lean in.

Your music is known for its unique blend of country, blues, R&B, and rock 'n' roll. How do you incorporate these different genres into your songs, and how did this approach inform your writing process for "Rebel Child?”

I don’t think about it. I write and trust what’s coming out. Sometimes I must work through the fear and force that trust, haha. I think these genres, you mentioned, show themselves in my tunes because it’s all the music I grew up on and love. However, you forgot bluegrass, haha. I’m also very subject to change. I moved 27 times from age 14 to 18 while trying to finish school, so new environments and experiences thrill me. “Rebel Child,” musically, feels like a Willie song. It reminds me of “Pancho and Leftie” in many ways in the chords and melodies. It has classic country, rock and soul, I would say.

"Rebel Child" is a fun, upbeat track that will get listeners dancing. How do you balance creating entertaining and enjoyable music with telling meaningful stories through your lyrics?

I think I naturally have a “commercial” or “lullaby” writing style because we mostly listen to the radio growing up. I didn’t have many albums until I got older, and then it was mostly Beatles, haha. I don’t think about the song being anything for anyone while writing. If that makes sense, I only try to move it from source to paper. Songs come from either; we all have the gift to reach them if we practise.

You shared the stage with incredible artists, including The Black Crowes, Kip Moore, Our Lady Peace, and Dean Brody. How have these experiences influenced your music and live performances, and how do you hope to continue growing as a performer?

Kip took me on tour, and I learned that you could do it your way and succeed. Kip does not waver in his vision. I learn something from every headliner. Fortunately, with everyone you mentioned, I learned great things.

With the release of A Traveler's Lament and your recent signing with the Sakamoto Agency, what can fans expect from you in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or performances that you are particularly excited about?

Yes. Some videos are coming for the songs, and we’re working on exciting live moments. You’ll have to stay tuned and watch my socials for those announcements.


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