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Kyle Richardson Makes A Triumphant Return With His Infectious New Single “Can You Hear Me”

Photo by: Jeremy Sobocan

The Vancouver artist returns from hiatus with a powerful yet catchy new offering.

Vancouver-based Canadian pop artist Kyle Richardson is back and better than ever with his highly anticipated new single, “Can You Hear Me.” Although he’s been on hiatus since 2019, “Can You Hear Me” is both Richardson’s powerful re-entry statement to the music scene and proof that he hasn't missed a beat since he’s been gone. It’s a tantalizing taste of what’s to come, significantly since his debut album “Louder Than Words” is slated for release later this year.

Richardson is not new to the game, that’s for sure. As a dedicated songwriter and musician, he’s collaborated with artists as big and esteemed as Carly Rae Jepsen, DYLN, and Garret Neiles. His previous releases, including “Painkiller” and “So Hot It Hurts,” have already made waves on Canadian radio. At the same time, his guest vocals on various collaborations have garnered millions of streams on Spotify. Richardson’s talent is undeniable, and with his level of musical mastery, he’s poised to make a big splash in the scene again.

Regarding his latest release, “Can You Hear Me,” Richardson explains that the song is about inspiration, making a statement for yourself, and embracing the best life offers. Richardson's breathtaking vocals energize the listener over swelling, inspirational, and uplifting pop-influenced instrumentals. At the same time, he drops gold like “We live for the moment, and we fight for the dream /, and we’re never gonna let go.” “Can You Hear Me” manages to beautifully evoke tinges of nostalgia while exuding positivity and hope for the future. If there’s one thing we can say, Kyle Richardson continues to impress.

“Can You Hear Me” is a proud, powerful statement and call to action for people (especially the LGBTQIA+ community, of which Kyle is a proud member) to live their lives boldly and without regrets. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Kyle Richardson’s “Can You Hear Me,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kyle Richardson! We loved “Can You Hear Me”; what a statement coming back from your hiatus! We must ask, what was the inspiration behind this song, and what inspired you to return from your hiatus?

Hey! I’m so glad you enjoyed “Can You Hear Me”! I’m so happy to have it out in the world, finally! I wrote this song with fellow artist Andrew Allen and writer-producer Jeff Dawson. We wanted to write an empowering anthem about living your truth, being bold and confident, and living in the present. I honestly wasn’t supposed to be on hiatus for so long. I released a Christmas single in 2019 and intended to follow it up shortly with material from my album, but the global pandemic kicked into full gear around then. I just had to focus on getting a ‘regular job’ for a while, and it just took a while to return to being an artist. It did give me a lot of time to fine-tune everything with the upcoming album, though, as well as get all the visuals and videos done, and there could even be an entirely acoustic album ready as well…

You’re a proud member and advocate of the LGBTQIA+ community, which you never shy away from in your music. Especially concerning “Can You Hear Me,” how important is it to you as an artist that you have and continue to lend your voice towards acceptance and unapologetically being your authentic self?

I think it’s important to be authentic to yourself no matter who you are. I think, especially as artists, we are storytellers, and to do that while hiding aspects of who we are, it comes across as fake. Even if the audience doesn’t know what’s off, they’ll sense something is not quite truthful in what we are trying to communicate. I think pushing to have everyone be accepted as they are is important!

How and when did you decide that you wanted to pursue music seriously?

When I was in high school, I started performing at talent shows and gradually began writing songs and realized that I had a passion for doing music behind casual voice lessons and school functions. I started learning basic guitar chords and recording home demos, and eventually went to school for music production! I decided I was better at the artistic side of things and started coming to Vancouver to work with some amazing talent and recorded some songs, and found my footing in terms of what I wanted to do musically.

What would you want it to be if your fans and listeners could take one message away from your music?

I want my music to be inspiring and motivating. I want my songs to be happy and hopeful generally. I hope that whatever someone is going through if they listen to my music, they can relate and find comfort in the lyrics.

So your debut album, “Louder Than Words,” is slated to be released later this year. How exciting is it to see your vision and hard work come to life, and are there any particular songs on your project you’re excited for fans to hear?

I’m so excited to release “Louder Than Words.” It’s been long, but the wait has been worth it. I wanted to have a great mix of material on this album. There are some modern pop-sounding songs, some that are more nostalgic, and a good variety of tempos throughout. I wanted it to be a vocally-driven album. I’m especially excited for everyone to hear the singles “Anything” and “Keep The Faith.” I’ve written these songs for a long time and was waiting for the right chance to release them. They encapsulate much of what I want to present artistically in terms of the kind of lyrics, message, and melody. “Fight The Good Fight” also a really fun vibe, and there’s a song called “Everything About You” that is just crazy vocally and different from the rest of the album.


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