KYLO Whisks Listeners Away With Her Radiant Sound In "Tell You"!

Electro-pop artist KYLO is hitting the music scene hard with her recent album release of "Exit". Residing in Toronto, CA, KYLO draws inspiration from numerous sources and expels her emotions appropriately into her songs. Her lyricism and sound are purely authentic, which will be one of the first things a listener will notice. The array of synths and melodies she's able to blend together creates the best kind of flavor added to the electro-pop scene. The integrity within her music is clear, and we're incredibly appreciative that KYLO is consistent with her music releases (we don't know how long we could really last without persistent releases from her)! Now that "Exit" has hit platforms, we're excited to be featuring the last track on the album: "Tell You"! 

KYLO's latest track "Tell You" will elicit a variety of emotions from listeners. The introductory melody will catch your attention, and the angelic vocalism that follows is what will keep it. "Tell You" is an atmospheric sound, to say the least. KYLO successfully captivates listeners with her light and flowing tune, echoing her voice in order to provide that ethereal-like feel. KYLO's presence throughout the majority of her tracks in her album "Exit" provides such a prominent and luminous presence. As an artist, KYLO is unforgettable. She is alluring in all forms and will curate that heavenly ambiance for listeners in "Tell You". Her transitions within the track are graceful, and the relationship she has with music is quite apparently strong. Now that "Exit" is available on all platforms, we're anticipating to see what KYLO is able to come out with next!

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