Kyunaa Puts a Unique Spin on Original Piece "Horns" in New Remix

Hey Kyunaa. Welcome back to BuzzMusic, we're excited to hear what's been in the works from you! Knowing you have a vast range of musical influences from multiple genres and styles, how did you manage to cultivate the fusion of this into your own individual sound?

Hi, thanks for having me back! Having a vast range of musical influences comes from being open to all sorts of musical experiences. At the end of the day, we are all sponges, constantly absorbing everything we surround ourselves with, and whether the musician wants it or not, he or she will draw from everything they have listened to previously. I have been listening to almost everything along the way, from harsh electro and nu-metal to gospel and world music. Sometimes that turns the writing process into an absolute hell, but at the same time, it gives you a variety of creative choices and a certain charisma. It's easier not to sound like somebody else if that somebody is one of a hundred musicians who have inspired you :)

In what ways does your release of “Horns” differentiate from the remix version?

The original track is a brooding dark techno song with droning atmospheres and quite a few sections. It takes its time and passes through several stages throughout its runtime. At the same time, I felt like the song has the potential to be something quite different and "in-your-face", thus I decided to make a version of it that was more straight forward and punchy, to bring out its heavy bounce appeal. This remix also helped me to promote the Single to DJs and bloggers, as it's a bit easier to digest.

What initially inspired you to create two different versions of “Horns”? Did you find any challenges with showcasing a different arrangement in the remix?

The main inspiration behind it was finding it difficult to bring the song to a more mainstream listener. I could imagine someone sitting through that 40-second intro and thinking "what am I doing?", so that's when the first idea came from, to make a shorter and more straightforward listening experience, working with the same elements, while amplifying different vibes. I think the remix utilizes more of Horns' underlying darkness and claustrophobic ideas, cutting down on the overall melancholia of the original song. The main challenge was actually getting the mix right. I rarely go into that area of "club-appeal" and was afraid it will not deliver as it was meant to, meaning it will not make you dance. I spent a lot of time listening to various dark electronic producers, trying to get myself accustomed to the sound and really understand what makes you want to move. I also spoke with a few producers to get their opinion on the production, and, I think in the end it is much better than what I expected when I first got the idea. At first, I was very skeptical about myself. To be honest, I haven't heard this remix in weeks and it might actually sound like crap to me right now :)

We hear you’re currently working on an album that’s set to be released this year! What can we expect from this project?

That's right, I've got an album in the works. I have spent way too much time taking things one song at the time, always being too meticulous and afraid. The idea of a full album was always somewhere in the air but now it is more than certain. The album will be released in May/June this year. It will be a mix of electro- and industrial pop, with some synth-wave and cyberpunk influences. I am still working songs out at the moment, but it will be quite heavy and melancholic, think "Kavinsky meets Rammstein or Korn".

Thank you for chatting with us Kyunaa, it's always a pleasure. As we know, your album is set for release this year? Do you have any plans in the works after you release your album? We can't wait to see what the year holds for you Kyunaa, thank you!

Prior to the album, I will release a single (or two), and once the album is out of the way I will most likely attempt to shoot a music video (or two) for some song off the album. Once that is done, I will see what format the next release will be and how I can proceed. Thank you so much for the interview, the pleasure is all mine.

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