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L.B.C Touches Deep Emotions In New Single, "Nothing Left"

Logan Bogdan, Known as L.B.C, is a spirited artist who creates touching tracks filled with speed and forceful energy.

Joining the writing and production industry in late 2020, this emerging artist is gaining traction with each and every new product he creates. Nevertheless, his late entry into the industry L.B.C gained immense love and passion for music at a very young age and was drawn into the production sector where he has continued to grow his devotion and affection with each new single.

"Nothing Left," is a fast-paced track with deeply emotional lyrics paired with a swift and light, instrumental flair.

The lyrics flow lightly on top of the instrumentals to shed focus onto the talented guitar and other background instrumentalists.

Collaborating with local artists has allowed L.B.C to connect more with his listeners and create tracks and emotions that they, as well as him, will enjoy and thrive off of, and being a newer artist the support and following of various listeners have catapulted his career to new heights.

"Nothing Left" is a firing track that has deeper emotional meaning with each lyric and is a major part of L.B.C’s debut solo album “A Night To Remember on The Blue Sun” making it a must-listen for all music lovers.

Your new single, "Nothing Left" is filled with so much emotion and energy, would you be able to tell us a little bit about your inspiration for this track?

My inspiration for the track “Nothing Left” comes from just basically trying to find my own musical style. This is usually hard for beginning artists but for me, I felt like I knew how to do it somewhat. As this being my first album to come out, I tried to really be original and write the way I usually think and how I felt at the time.

From beginning to write your own music to quickly releasing a debut solo album, how have you been able to create your own personal musical style and how would you explain this style?

I wrote this album in such a short amount of time and just wrote what my mind was kind of feeling. I feel that my musical style changes between every song and or album. “Nothing Left” ranges from genres like Alternative to Indie to Psychedelic and as many people said “I feel like this song has your own genre to it”, I could definitely agree.

Would you say there are any specific artists you draw influence from when creating your tracks and personal sound?

On some of the songs, I feel like my writing style at that time ranges from some Remo Drive and M.A.G.S. to even some Boy Pablo and Peach Pit as people have told me.

You mentioned your enjoyment when collaborating with local artists, tell us a little bit more about this experience?

Collaborating with local artists just brings me joy and excitement because we love to share our own styles of music and bring them into one unique song. In the future, I plan to collaborate even more with local artists and create more that we enjoy and for the listener's satisfaction.

What's next for you?

Very soon in the future, I plan to release my sophomore album. This next album has very different elements of music sounding completely different than the debut album. I’m very excited about this one and some singles are on the way soon.

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