L.I.A. Shows Us How Money Talks With Her Latest Single

L.I.A. is an LA-based artist who creates evocative Hip-Hop that tells the story of her younger years. Her passion for music was initially from playing live drums in a marching band and then transitioned to organizing songwriting and production groups for upcoming talent. Recently L.I.A. released her latest bombastic single "Money Talk" and it pops with attitude and spirit.

"Money Talk" features interesting evolving textures, a massive 808 drum kit, and an incredibly intense performance from L.I.A. herself. The verses of the record show off her intricate flow and tight rhyming while also maintaining to tell the story of making a way for yourself. The drums in the verses explode and provide an intense backbone that supports L.I.A's performance. The chorus has a very moving rocking atmosphere that highlights the hook and evolving textures that spark ethereal ear candy. The production of "Money Talk" is extremely intricate; there are a lot of one-off flairs of ethereal effects that keep you constantly listening for what's happening next while never getting in the way of L.I.A.'s vocal performance. From the bombastic verses to the poppin' chorus that makes you want to bump your arms, this is a record that you can't afford to miss out on.

Listen to "Money Talk" here.

Hey L.I.A.! Welcome to BuzzMusic! "Money Talk" is a fantastic record that you have created, what was the production and songwriting process for it like? Were there any elements created first before others?

Thank you for having me. The creation of "Money Talk" was motivated by the movement I was doing at the time. I'm really into songwriting and at the time I was getting a lot of requests for songs. I felt like I couldn't lose as long as I stayed focused on the bag and my craft. I wanted to capture the moment and that how "Money Talk" came along. Yes, there most definitely were different elements, when I first started working on this record the hook was totally different but I loved the verses on the song. So I sat on the record for a few days and when I finally went back to it. I had the hook idea and the rest was history.

Wow, it's great to hear that you were inspired to become an artist at such a young age, at what moment did you decide this is what you want to do? What about playing drums in a band made you feel excited about music?

I would say I was 16. At the time I had a lot of friends who wanted to do music, so I was like the manager away. We had a girl group and I remember one of my homegirls' dad take us to his friend's studio. I was so amazed by the process of making nothing into something and just the grind of getting the right placements and transitions. I knew then music was what I wanted to do. I just didn't know at the time in which capacity.

Everything about it. It was my first-period class in the morning and was the last thing I did before leaving school. Playing in the marching band taught me so much about discipline, structure, transitions, timing, working with others, I can go on and on. I just loved the whole team togetherness. It's a few things that still stick with me to this day.

Is there anything in your life that inspires you to create music more than anything? Aside from your idols, is there anything else that influences your music?

I'm inspired by motivational people. People who are motivated to do better in life period. That's what keeps me going and inspired hearing friends or family talking about the new business ventures they are working on and putting the plan in motion. For me, everyday life is an influence. The shxt we living is an influence. I grow up facing a lot of struggles being a lesbian woman, so I always felt like I had to work 10 times harder then the guys did. I want to be the best, and I still do.

We love to hear when people help organize writing and production sessions with other artists, what were those like? Do you have any interesting stories from that?

It's always a party when you get artists or producers who you think are dope together in one room, and the respect and love are mutual, we for sure leaving with a hit, maybe even 3.

Honestly, If we don't have a vibe, your most likely not gonna be invited to a session. Energy is important to me and I have no time to give it out to unnecessary energy without being too harsh lol.

What's next for you L.I.A?

Next up For L.I.A is my ep dropping soon. I have a few names in mind but it's about 60% from completion. Being an independent artist I want to make sure the focus is not just on the music for myself but for a layer of things that need to be covered. But we are making a great process. Getting ready for a mini-tour hopefully with everything going on in the world. and Just continue to be consistent with more music.