L8veh8te Gives Listeners Something to Think About with Wavy Release "Early Summer"

Nashville, Tenessee, artist L8veh8te is here to highlight some of his ultimate obstacles this year, and how exactly he overcame them. We're intrigued by the story of L8veh8te, especially how he communicates it to his listeners. His music effortless relaxes you, and his story allows you to feel compassion. L8veh8te is all about creating and crafting a wavy environment, bringing in a variety of psychedelic-like melodies in order to accentuate his Hip/Hop collections. His latest release, "Early Summer," can accurately prove the type of artist L8veh8te sets out to be.

Stimulating lo-fi beats unravel L8veh8te's track, "Early Summer." We're immediately introduced to a wavy atmosphere, and L8veh8te takes listeners on a very expressive journey. The storyline becomes all too clear almost right away, and the narrative explores a variety of hardships that L8veh8te experiences on the daily. Through this narrative, we're also exposed to the various strategies L8veh8te has to surpass such obstacles, especially the mental state that comes along with it. The rhythm of "Early Summer" is held very consistent, and we find ourselves getting comfortable very quickly. L8veh8te has that type of artistic persona that invites listeners and ultimately makes them feel impassioned in one way or another. L8veh8te dedication is all too present, and "Early Summer" really went on to show that well, and knowing his intense drive and motivation, we're only anticipating what L8veh8te will release next.

"Early Summer" had a very low-key vibe that still felt very stimulating in a variety of ways. What was the vision you had for this track earlier on, and how do you feel you went about executing it?

Early Summer was a very inspired song. It was actually inspired by the girlfriend I had at the time. At this time in my life I was struggling to pay rent, really couldn’t feed myself well and all the time my ma would tell me that I’m moving into adulthood way too fast. Ultimately the only person there was her, which became a type of healing for me. As for the execution, I wanted to come with some soft vibes to kind of get the audience to move in and listen, so when I bring in the verse, they are ready to hear what I have to say.

What kind of response have you received thus far from your listening base with "Early Summer"? Do you typically receive the response you're looking for when it comes to releasing new music?

The response I’m getting from Early Summer is going really well actually. I feel like this single was definitely more prepared for than a lot of the other music I’ve created over the years. Some of my other releases have gotten amazing responses as well, and I want to try and make that a consistent thing.

As an artist who's passionate about communicating personal warfare, do you have any advice to extend out to other artists suffering through unfavorable circumstances?

The best advice I ever gave myself, keep moving forward. The moment you stop or go backward, it will feel like the worst thing in the world because you just feel like you accomplished everything for nothing and it’s never a good feeling. So those hardships or pain that you are feeling now, understand it gets better and the pain fades.

What's the next move for you and your music? Do you plan on releasing more tracks in the near future?

My plans on the future are definitely set in motion, there is definitely a music video for Early Summer that you will be seeing very soon. There is also more music releasing that I can’t talk about yet, but it will be something you don’t want to miss.

What has been keeping you inspired through the challenging year of 2020?

Honestly, I’ve been deep in the music during the quarantine. It keeps me focused so I can try not to worry about everything that’s happening. I hope everyone is staying safe and wearing a mask to protect themselves and everyone around them.