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LA Band Is Bringing Real Rock 'n' Roll Back!

With high energy, progressive chords, and an electrifying melody, I introduce you this original Rock 'n' Roll band created by Brinley Amicon, lead guitarist, and Ali Quinn, lead vocalist/pianist, in 2014, “79”. This Los Angeles based band sets the bar high with their assured sound that sticks to the classic of Rock N' Roll music and waters the roots of an electric and downright badass aura you can’t help but love! They released their single titled “Bring It Through” and we can help you digest this song into sections to explain to you why this unique band is the next big thing!

“Bring It Through” immediately begins with a level of enthusiasm that every Rock 'n' Roll record should have in my opinion. The guitar ring was so dope and addictive they knew exactly how to get my head bopping back and forth! The vocals were so nasty in a good way. Ali Quinn has the edgy, foghorn voice that pierces you through different vocal registers and dynamics. However, I can’t help but admire the entire guitar breakthrough from 3:40 till the end. It was consistent with the melody with unexpected riffs to catch you and release you all over again! Each record 79 releases encompasses a vintage feel and can be described as middle ground between the blues and hard rock. At a time when pop music has a commanding influence on the industry, 79 plans to revive the ugly and raw rock sounds from 1960-1990.

Be sure to catch 79's "Bring It Through" now on Spotify, and scroll below to find the bands exclusive interview!

You’re heavy influenced by the raw rock n roll sound from the classic days. Who are some great bands who served as an inspiration for you guys?  

Some of our primary inspirations are Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, and Black Sabbath.  Funny enough, Brinley (lead guitarist) and Ali (lead vocalist/keys) created 79 in hopes of generating enough money to meet Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.  Anyways, these bands helped us decipher our sound, stage presence, wardrobe, overall attitudes, etc.  The thing about 79 is rock n roll is not some costume, it is our lifestyle. 

Describe the feelings you feel after creating an exhilarating hit like “Bring It Through.” 

We are overwhelmed by the reaction and are extremely grateful for anyone that has given it a listen.  The music industry is so overpopulated right now and people have tons of music they could listen to, so we are thankful they chose ours. The song was written very quickly. Brinley had written the main riff almost two years ago and then brought it to the band when the idea of getting back in the studio started floating around.  After that, Brinley, Tommy, and Thomas finished most of the instrumentals within a two-hour rehearsal.  Tommy and Thomas embellished the song with elements that took “Bring It Through” to the next level.  Once the music was finished, Ali added her melody and “outspoken” lyrics—some of the lyrics were rewritten the day before recording.  One of the best things about 79 is we are concerned about the big picture, opposed to showcasing one musician.

Tell us a little bit about the meaning of “Bring It Through.”

 The song is controversial both lyrically and musically.  Lyrically speaking, “Bring It Through” discusses struggling for your craft, individuals blindly following authority, and government officials profiting from their positions with little regard to citizens.  The instrumental breakdown captures these lyrics by creating a sound in which the audience is unable to determine where the song will lead next. The frantic sound eventually resolves into an instrumental dialog between guitar and unified drums and bass.  Regardless of the positive or negative interpretations, we firmly stand behind the content produced and the way in which it is expressed: honestly.

When can we expect the next exciting show from 79?

Our next show is March 23rd at the Peppermint Club!  This show is particularly important, as it is a “Top Four Bands in LA” showcase.  We are introducing a new, high energy, set!  Additionally, this will be our first-time playing “Bring It Through” live. Tickets are available on the Peppermint Club’s website.  You won’t want to miss this special night

What's next for the band through 2019?

 In 2019, you can expect us releasing new music and potentially a live album within the next month!  A music video for “Bring It Through” is also in the works.  Finally, we are looking at performing in cities outside California. It is going to be a big year for us!


Catch up with the band via their website and social media:


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