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La Femme Pendu Sings An Unsettling Concept In Her Exciting New Single, "Allons Chasser"

The musical concept project La Femme Pendu of multi-disciplinary creative Allison Scagliotti recently released her eerie and haunting single entitled "Allons Chasser."

Through her descriptive and story-telling french lyricism, La Femme Pendu's music is inspired by female characters from iconic horror films of the past century. She's most known for reclaiming and reworking the narratives of tragic screen femmes into horror ballads and goth-pop bangers, made for feminists, film freaks, and creatures of the night.

Dropping a sultry and ravenous single entitled "Allons Chasser," which translates to "Let's Go Hunting," the song was inspired by Tony Scott's vampire film The Hungry and features Jake Hays on lead guitar. The transcendent and haunting single offers a unique and chilling listening experience, especially with help from La Femme Pendu's angelic and melodic vocal stylings.

Diving into "Allons Chasser," the song kicks off with a breathy vocal sample and a punchy pop beat alongside a plucky bassline and Jake Hays' hazy electric guitar. As La Femme Pendu makes her haunting and sensual vocal appearance, she begins to serenade us in the language of love. As she later expands on how death is ugly but aging is worse, she then proceeds to invite us on a trip to hunt down her next meal.

We love the song's gritty electric guitar by Jake Hays, as it spices the song with incredible passion and power alongside the fluttery and soothing pop beat. As La Femme Pendu makes her way to the song's end, she leaves us with nothing but chills and excitement.

Experience the conceptual stylings of La Femme Pendu and her recent single, "Allons Chasser," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic La Femme Pendu. What an incredible and haunting piece you've delivered with your latest single, "Allons Chasser." What inspired you to write a single based on Tony Scott's The Hungry?

Each song on 'VAMPYR' is inspired by a classic vampire film. On my first record, Absolute Horror, my lyrical protagonists faced supernatural terror drawn from the last century of horror cinema. This time I narrowed my focus to my favorite vampire films. Of the nine movies that provided the foundation of this project, The Hunger is my cornerstone. To me, it's the high watermark of vampire cinema, and Catherine Deneuve's tortured undead queen provided a deep lyrical well to draw from. She loves her paramours passionately, but she loves herself more.

What drew you to the likes of Jake Hays to feature on your single, "Allons Chasser?" What was your collaborative process like with him?

I've had the pleasure of knowing Jake and watching his talent develop for nearly a decade. When it became clear that a couple of songs needed a secret special ingredient during the recording process, Jake was the first person I thought of. His playing is virtuosic and adds impeccable vibes to the song I could only have dreamed of. I'm so lucky he could find time in his busy schedule to deliver such spine-tingling solos.

Was it easy for you to write such story-like lyrics for "Allons Chasser?" Would you say that you're most known for your writing skill and style?

In January of this year, I visited one of the only terrestrial video rental stores in the Western hemisphere. I curated my own little vampire film festival in my living room. I watched each film with pen and paper, jotting down images and memorable lines, some in English and some in French. It was a similar but more streamlined approach than I took on Absolute Horror. Was it easy? I'm not sure anything this fulfilling is easy, but tapping into the flow was worth it. The beginning is the hard part, but once you show up to the process, your creativity is there to serve you. Am I known for this writing style? It's niche. I'm lucky that my music is slowly finding the people who appreciate it.

What sort of atmosphere or vibe did you want to offer through the song's production and sonics in "Allons Chasser?"

In the opening of The Hunger, Bauhaus performs their eponymous hit Bela Lugosi's Dead over a montage of the vampire lovers hunting in the goth club. The quiet coolness of the vampires decked out for the night in couture, sunglasses, and a single earring was what I was going for. That emulates the kind of noodling, reverb-drenched guitar reminiscent of The Cure for a navel-gazey texture. The vocals go for the effortless confidence and subliminal tortured sadness of Catherine Deneuve's Miriam.

How can we get to know you and your music better through songs like "Allons Chasser?" Do you usually explore such intriguing and haunting subjects within your music?

My songwriting process begins at the intersection of character and setting. I'm a storyteller at heart; the ethos of La Femme Pendu is French horror ballads for feminists, film freaks, and creatures of the night. Chalk it up to my previous life as a child actor, my new career as a director, or just being generally bored by straightforward love songs. I have no idea what my next concept will be, but in the meantime, you can find me praying at the altar of Kate Bush.



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