La Rodriguez Releases His Ethereal Upbeat Single “It’s Just My Love”

LA Rodriguez is an artist who fuses the styles of Latin, R&B, and Techno in an almost unpredictable way that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you listen. LA Rodriguez’s music has been featured in Fader, Pitchfork, Billboard Magazine, KanyeToThe, Mountain Dew’s Green Label, and many more. Recently, to hype us up for his upcoming “Felt Like You” album LA Rodriguez released his mellowed out ethereal but upbeat single “It’s Just My Love”.

As “It’s Just My Love” begins, we felt surrounded with interesting textures and slowly felt like we were begging to float up to the abyss of sound that LA Rodriguez created. Throughout the tune we felt constantly on our toes, not knowing what new sound would be brought to our ears. The deep message of wanting someone to stop running away is one that we find all too relatable when falling for someone. “It’s Just My Love” features organic sounding drum rhythm that keeps a steady pace throughout the record, spaced-out synths that constantly have us listening out for the interesting tones, a rock-solid bass line that holds the floor, and a dynamically evolving honest vocal performance from LA Rodriguez that holds us in place from floating away. This is the perfect record to sit back, kick your feet up and completely blast out loud; it’s a recipe for a good time.

Listen to “It’s Just My Love” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic LA Rodriguez! Your latest single “It’s Just My Love” is full of interesting evolving synth tones, how were these created? What had inspired you to use such interesting sounds?

Glad to be typing to you. The synths were so inspired by Yukihiro Takahashi and that whole 80’s Japanese pop sound. Fun fact Yukihiro Takahashi’s birthday is the day before mine.

The song felt so empty with just the guitar and bass and my high pitched “MY LOVE” in the background, so we added like 4 synths. Gamal added 2 padded synths that go throughout the chorus and verse and I added that warpy-bubbly pad in the pre-chorus and that rising pad that drops into the chorus.

The vocal performance has a very honest and approachable feeling to it; combined with the relatable lyrics, how do you find yourself relating to the music? Was there a particular mindset that you had to get in to write and perform this song?

Well, actually my producer/best buddy came up with the chorus, that “stop running from it” part. And at the time, I didn’t want something so direct and pointed like that on the album, but it was hot so I had to lol. 

The mindset for me was like “think early 2000’s, almost parody music. Sad and dorky but still fun and endearing". Which led me to the singing. Lol, I am by no means a singer or a vocalist or anything like that, so I think there’s a certain relatability that lends itself to that feeling. When you miss someone it's not cool or polished. 

Coming from a Latin background, there is definitely a little bit of that Latin spice in “It’s Just My Love”. Were there any artists of that style that you took notes from and inspired some of your own creativity?

I’ve never heard that before but that’s hilarious. I don’t think anyone Latino or Hispanic influenced this song in particular. In fact, I would say the inverse! If you see salsa artworks and song structures they’re usually so robust and bright and confident, whereas this song and artwork are very very timid and shy.

It’s definitely all conscious decisions, but I think a lot of it is out of my control. Like, I can’t sing well and I'm shy and at a point and time, I really missed someone.

We are incredibly excited for your upcoming “Felt Like You” album, how does the music compare to this single? What kind of growth as an artist did you have from when you began writing “It’s Just My Love” compared to the album?

You and me both lol. I wouldn’t say there’s another song on the album that sounds like "My Love”. I’m not sure If I'm a rapper or a bedroom pop artist... like, this album has a real “Identity Crisis” vibe going on. Sonically though, as far as subject matter or topics go, this is a breakup album through and through.

There are skits and voice notes all over this thing. It’s supposed to all be reminiscent of your own life and situation. ‘Felt Like You’ is supposed to be about YOU. There aren’t a lot of albums nowadays you can listen to. And sit with your thoughts too. Everyone is going to get a different feeling or message from the album and that’s the point.