LA's Lulise Steals Our Hearts With Her New Single 'Lovin' You'

In 2019, Los Angeles native Lulise launched her solo career after a career in writing and performing with Honey and Jude, collaborating with producers Andres Torres, (Justin Beiber, Demi Lovato) and Chapters (5 Seconds of Summer, Jessie J.) In 2018, she worked with mentor Allan Rich (Whitney Houston, Ray Charles). penning her best songs yet. We're even more impressed with her sound and natural singing talent. In R&B, it's traditional to sing about new love, the sadness of lost love and the acceptance of unrequited love.

On her new single "Lovin' You," Lulise puts you straight into the relationship that has come to an end. Her ability to effortlessly communicate her struggles briefly infects the listener with a fresh new R&B sound. The skittering drum beats, smooth relaxing chords, perfectly timed glimmering chimes, the rich deep bassline with uplifting horns will have you wanting more of this R&B inspired track. Despite its downtempo vibe - the track "Lovin' You" has a finger-snapping R&B throwback charm that is perfect for repeated play after a breakup. We highly recommend you check out Lulise's "Lovin' You" and stay on the lookout for more releases from this rising Los Angeles artist.

Listen to "Lovin' You" here.