LA’s Zuma Quintero Inspires Carefree Spirits With New Single “Afterhours”

From Los Angeles, California, DJ and producer Zuma Quintero has just released a new single “Afterhours.” 

Quintero developed his passion for DJing in college, where he created beats for local rappers and performed at bars and house parties. Soon enough, after sharing his talents in LA and Vegas, he was noticed for his EDM music.

Inspired by successful musicians like Zhu, The Weeknd, Sade, Lana Del Rey, and Kendrick Lamar, Zuma Quintero is beginning to make a name for himself in the EDM world.

“Afterhours” kicks off with a booming, electronic voice introducing an “after hours” lifestyle, and letting fans know what they can expect from the song. Soon after, Zuma Quintero proves what kind of DJ he is when the beat kicks in.

The auto-tuned vocals are light and breezy as they accompany a playful melody. The laid back vocals continue throughout “Afterhours,” and pair well with the relaxed energy of the song - it’s the type of music that will remind you of a colorful, Hawaiian, button-down shirt. You know an EDM artist has succeeded in combining ideal sounds when you just can’t stop dancing throughout the entire record. With “Afterhours,” Zuma Quintero effortlessly seams together carefree spirits and EDM’ dance flavors.

Listen to "Afterhours" here.


How has growing up in LA influenced your style as an artist?

For me it's everything. I think coming from a city where so many cultures and people come together has given me a chance to be exposed to so many styles and appreciating art in a different way than you would find in a small town. Also, the pride of LA culture when it comes to the nightlife and gatherings. You could find me at a prestigious nightclub in DTLA or at a backyard pool party djing while everything is chilling. Being part of a multicultural family representation is important and LA offers it for everything Your musical inspirations include Zhu, The Weeknd, Sade, Lana Del Rey, and Kendrick Lamar. How have these artists influenced your music style and how do you implement it into your own sound?

They all have embodied the California vibe in some way shape or form. Especially Zhu and Kendrick, which both are from California and Kendrick representing the new generation of the South Central kids. I love how all the artists mentioned above have lyrically or sonically reminded me of something I love about the west coast. I worked at Nobu Malibu for a short period of time, and I remember hearing Sade and thinking "This is a whole mood" I remember listening to Sade with my Dad growing up and so she's always had an impact since a young age.

What made you decide to branch out into EDM after spending time producing beats?

I love hip-hop and everything about the culture but for EDM I was I floored to the idea of Djing because I could still be a performer in a different way. I love visuals and love intimate venues and the art of spinning its hard to explain but I have stage fright and my fear of performing dead center ...performing live with DJing I can hide behind CDJs haha. I still make beats but as an artist I like focusing on my own music and working at my own pace which is why I picked up learning all parts of producing, so I wouldn't have to wait on anyone or rely on. When you're stuck making beats only you move on the artist's time and sometimes wait too long. I don't answer to anyone as much so it's nice I do what I want. 

You are influenced by R&B, hip hop, and house music. Can you tell us how you draw from these genres to create your sound? I like to blend the sounds of Rnb from taking the synths and the keys and atmosphere and pairing them with a house music type beat and extend the songs with that traditional song structure. Lyrically I talk about life love but also the darker side of the American Dream but with the beautiful sounds that creates a vibe. What has kept you inspired throughout 2020?

The world is changing every day, but creativity and consistency don't. I think it's very important to address issues with our society but also not to forget about your goals and reasoning for creating. Also watching how fast life can change and the direction everything is going ..time is really everything and should be should every day be spent wisely.