LAII Displays Immense Growth With Her Recent Single "Wait A Minute"

Toronto-based R&B/Soul artist and Singer/Songwriter LAII releases a smooth and wise single titled "Wait A Minute." 

While her music reflects the melodic 90s R&B era, it's safe to say that these inspirations have not only helped LAII find her own seamless sound, but also helped her portray the deep passion that runs within her. 

Deftly-produced by SLWJMZ, LAII's recent single "Wait A Minute" reminds listeners to be aware of falling too fast, and emphasizes the importance of taking passionate endeavors one day at a time. LAII's satin-soft vocals grace the track with hypnotizing melisma and an effortless vibrato, as she expels a rational and knowledgeable message full of growth.

Opening the track with filtered drums that push into a smooth R&B beat, "Wait A Minute" is jam-packed with talent from SLWJMZ's soulful production and LAII's dreamy vocals. With regards to the instrumentals, what keeps our ears peeled is the variety of synths and keys that SLWJMZ provides within the track, giving the listener this sweet musical space blessed with tranquility.

LAII's angelic vocals soar over the production while she sings lyrics of looking back on her past and learning from it to prepare for her fearless future. With a groovy production breakdown around the bridge, LAII's vocal chops create this funky jam for the listener to dance away. We're nothing but impressed with the Toronto artist LAII and her peaceful single "Wait A Minute." We're left hoping that LAII and SLWJMZ will soon create another bop for our ears and souls. 

Listen to "Wait A Minute" here.

Hello LAII, and welcome to BuzzMusic. You've genuinely mesmerized us with your wise and warm single, "Wait A Minute." What made you want to create a song that surrounds a message of looking before you fall?

Wow. First of all, thank you! Creating this challenged me to channel some of my own experiences. I’ve been in situations where I’ve met someone new and I was just overwhelmed with the feelings of being genuinely excited because you just click with the person. Through those feelings, it’s easy to rush into things a lot faster than you’re ready for. This song is a gentle reminder to take things slow because only then do you get to truly know the person and grow instead of getting all that comes from a fast and sometimes fleeting connection.

What was it like working with SLWJMZ for your single "Wait A Minute"? What was your collaborative process like, and how did you work off each other?

SLWJMZ is just a wizard. I love working with him. We’ve done a few records together and I feel like we click really well and he knows what I like. I literally came to him with a song I’ve been obsessed with, (Sandstorm – Mereba & JID) used that as inspiration and went from there. Throughout the whole creative process, I really appreciate how he challenges me not just through the music but through lyrics as well. He gets me to double back and re-think and re-write certain lines which are rare.

You've mentioned that your inspirations lie within the nostalgic 90s R&B era. Do you have any specific artists whose music naturally pulled you in deeper?

Ah yes. 90s R&B. Honestly, it’s my soul. It was the first music that was introduced to me growing up and I listen to A LOT of music –so everything that I create, has some sort of flare from that era. Specifically, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, Xscape, TLC, Aaliyah, and Usher. I naturally gravitate to songs with deep, rich harmonies so I try to include an element of that in my music.

Is there anything you'd like to mention to our readers to help get to know you better as an artist? How do you want your brand to be perceived by listeners?

I write from my own experiences as well as friends' experiences so if you’re my friend you might hear your story in one of my songs lol. I like to take my time and fully learn about a subject before writing about it. I’m also a very Zen person so I feel like my music also comes out very chill, and hopefully soothing haha. I want my brand to come across as calm and smooth to match the music and vibes that I create.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

2020 has definitely been a strange year for everyone. Honestly, people’s strength amazes me and keeps me inspired every day. It’s not an easy thing to go through a pandemic and everyone’s situation may be different for better or for worse. I’m also inspired by the amount of music coming out that’s been so vulnerable and real. I love that everyone is challenging themselves to create real and much-needed content.