LakeErieMonster Makes His Mark With A Self-Titled Debut Single

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop recording artist LakeErieMonster turns heads with his self-titled debut single, "Lake Erie Monster."

Born Brandon Green, LakeErieMonster has been making music professionally since 2013 under a variety of different names, but he's recently made his powerhouse debut as LakeErieMonster. His originality and attention to detail set him apart from other hip-hop artists in the industry, especially as he continues to experiment with new sounds, ideas, and approaches.

The Cleveland-based recording artist recently released his newest single, "Lake Erie Monster," and showed us what this new moniker is made of. LakeErieMonster's performance is nothing but captivating; his lyrical dexterity and the rhythmic flow keep our attention locked on the dedicated rapper. While rapping an authentic and intense message, LakeErieMonster keeps us grooving with the ominous and rich production to enhance the song's heavy-hitting vibe.

Expanding on the new single, "Lake Erie Monster," the song kicks off with a dark and growling synth arrangement that pours this intense atmosphere through our speakers. As LakeErieMonster makes his way in, he begins to smackdown with his intense bars that speak on genuine and authentic matters of dedication, pain, and the constant grind he finds himself in.

We adore how LakeErieMonster switches up his performance and serenades us on the hook with his melodic and warm vocals. There's something about LakeErieMonster's performance that carries such authority and composure, which he perfectly displays in his deeply passionate bars that help us better understand his broad and artistic skillset. Carrying us to the outro with his heavy and dark sonics, LakeErieMonster closes the track on this chilling note of reflection.

Introduce yourself to LakeErieMonster through his heavy-hitting self-titled debut single, "Lake Erie Monster," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LakeErieMonster. Congratulations on releasing your big debut single, "Lake Erie Monster." Why did you want this song to lead the way of your artistic career under the name LakeErieMonster?

I felt like this song sets a tone for what I plan on doing in the future. It showcase's my production skill, songwriting ability, and performance ability. A lot of parts of this song were done in one take.

Were there any experiences or events that inspired your debut single, "Lake Erie Monster"?

Yes, I was at a point in my life where I had to decide if I was going to take something I loved and dreamed of for years and make it a reality or, spend the rest of my life working trying to figure out what happened with my life. Obviously, I chose the first option.

Did you produce the heavy sonics for "Lake Erie Monster"? Why did you choose to go with such an ominous and intense sonic atmosphere like this?

Yes, I produced the whole song. I try to produce as many of my own beats as I can. The ominous feel is exactly what I was going for. I wanted the listener to feel like they're looking into the mouth of a dragon. Like, out of nowhere a monster is attacking Japan.

Could you tell our readers more about yourself and what you strive to represent as an artist?

I've always seen myself making music as a career this, has always been my passion. As an artist, I represent someone with more than a dream a goal, and talent to back me up. Not to be cheesy but, I truly feel I was born ready.

What's next for you?

I have more singles coming real soon keep your eyes open for LakeErieMonster.