Lamborghini Ace Rides the Beat with Latest Track “Fifty Cent”

Lamborghini Ace has been making music ever since the age of 14 and has consistently been elevating himself as an artist. Bringing a mixture of his old school influences with the Southern Cali style to the rap game, Lamborghini ace is undeniably making himself stand out from the crowd!

We took a listen to his single “Fifty Cent” and we were thoroughly impressed with his unique flow and intricate delivery. The bars were on point and the witty catchphrases stuck to us like glue. “Fifty Cent” reminds me of a West Coast vibe song that you can play cruising around the city or even at a local kickback or function. Lamborgini Ace has that smooth-suave swag to his music that will be highly digestible to this current market of rap listeners and even the older generation. Lamborghini Ace’s classic writing style makes him an artist who can gain traction from a variety of listeners instead of just one. With a song like “Fifty Cent”, we can easily tell why he’s becoming more of a popular newcomer in the rap industry. I found myself replaying the song because it was extremely catchy and kept me attentive. His appealing brand, sound, and music are what make Lamborghini Ace the artist to look out for in this upcoming year of 2020!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lamborghini Ace! Your stage name is quite unique and catchy! What inspired this?

I love fast and exotic cars plus I read the real Lamborghini story he never gave up and that stuck with me til this day.

Knowing you have a unique blend of both Old School & Southern Cali flow, who are some of your influences for rap and why?

Sugar Hill Gang, NWA, 2 Pac, Ice Cube.

Your song “Fifty Cent” was on point! We loved the bars you delivered. It was well executed. How would you describe your songwriting approach to this song?

I just follow the beat it reads out what it wants me to talk about its more like a movie playing in my head.

If you could feature any rapper of your choice on “Fifty Cent” who would you select and why?

LOL, that's easy 50cent. This is his sound his tempo I just executed it.

Mind detailing to our readers the production & arrangement behind “Fifty Cent”? 

I just have multiple producers send me out different sounds really no arrangement I listen to the beat for about 5mins then I go in its already written in my head so therefore I already know what I'm looking for.

What’s next for you in 2020 Lamborghini Ace?

More music MORE videos, tours, sponsorships! 2020 Lamborghini ace plans on taking over the world. I love the fans.