Lamposts Gives You the Perfect Balance of Dramatics in His Mystical Hit, “American Rain"

Lamposts recently released his single “American Rain” and this was a beautiful vocal arrangement that gave us chills. Lamposts rasp fused with his southern grit and skillful vocal belts created an enigmatic but hauntingly western aesthetic. One of our favorite moments in “American Rain” was the whistle melody that stayed on key with a nice tune. It is an excellent way to demonstrate not only Lamposts smooth vocal register but his ability to creatively think outside the box. “American Rain” has this exciting build-up of emotion throughout the song that comes at you full force towards the end. The electrifying dynamic change transforms the song into an exciting country-rock hit that leaves you feeling thrilled with its exhilarating instrumentation and roaring vocals. Lamposts generated a smashing song that places us into this cinematic atmosphere with its unpredictability and climaxing energy.

“American Rain” can’t be grouped into one specific genre. This multi-dimensional song showcased elements of not only country-rock but alternative metal, smooth-blues, and more. It’s a characteristic song that was well-executed and nicely cultivated to keep the listener attentive and attached like a magnet! Lamposts is a stellar vocalist and “American Rain” showcases this perfectly.

Click the video below for our interview with Lamposts and stream the song here.