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Lankford And Alson Release Emotional Single “Melt With You”

Lankford is the stage and recording name of American singer-songwriter and composer Matt Davis. He was born and raised in Alaska, and currently resides in central California. His style has been described as “Very calming, and reminiscent of Bon Iver or a stripped down Of Monsters and Men”. Producer, Alson (Lars Hofstra) was born and raised in The Netherlands, now lives in Valencia, Spain. With over10 years of producing and DJ experience, he has had performances in several countries. The style could be described as combining rhythmic bass with uplifting melodies.

Together, the Alson and Lankford duo has formed a bond over their love for creating emotional and passion filled music. 

“Melt With You”, Alson and Lankford's latest release is definitely the first of many tracks as this creative relationship expands and finds its way to a broad and worldwide audience. Lankford's voice is so comforting that you feel a sense of belonging. The duo welcomes you with open arms into his hazy and heartfelt single. The lyrics are highly poetic and inversive, which is something I’m a personal fan of. Lankford obviously tells a story through his sentimental and passionate delivery of lyrics and -the beat Alson delivers gives elements of that electronic pop, yet settled down with a melancholic melody.

Lankford and Alson shivers you with a chilling resonance that floats through the entire tune like a duck on water, however, we sink through the magnetic song and find ourselves not only drowning in the song but drowning deep in thought. We loved the feeling we received while listening to “Melt With You”. The numbness and breezy atmosphere curated the perfect vibe for us at the perfect time.

Melt in Lankford and Alson's new single here and get to know more about the duo below!

Hi Alson and Lankford! We are loving your new song "Melt With You"! Talk to us a little bit about “Melt With You”, what was the meaning behind this song?

Hey, thanks! “Melt With You” is a collaboration between Lankford and Alson, a Dutch producer. We met on Instagram in October of 2018. The song is about the difficulty of maintaining relationships and melting with society when dealing with self-doubt, social anxiety, depression, or other illnesses. It’s about hoping people will love you through your worst.  Originally it was an acoustic song called “Melt” released solely by Lankford in October of 2018. But when Alson heard it he was inspired to collaborate. We renamed the song “Melt With You”

Lankford, how was is growing up in Alaska? Can you tell us a little about the music scene there?

I miss it, especially my friends and family, but I do not miss the cold! There are some great bands in Alaska. And the venues are fun. Lots of bars, coffee shops, and the occasional back yard bonfire. 

Everyone knows everybody, and the summer nights never end. 

Alson, What was it like collaborating with Lankford on "Melt With You"? 

We followed each other for a while on instagram. Then when he came up with his release melt, I absolutely loved it. He sent the stems over and I starting playing around. I never thought it would end this way.. we collaborated on that and we got a record deal. Working with matt was a nice experience, and new for me too. I never worked together with a folk singer songwriter, but I am really happy with the end result. I think it’s a unique mixture of both very different genres.

Can we expect more collaborations in the near future?

Yes, definitely. We have already begun working on a few others. 

How do you hope people perceive this song? 

The beautiful thing about music is one song can mean something different to each individual person. We hope it just resonates with the listener in a positive way. Hopefully gets them to add it to their favorite playlists and share it with friends. 

What is the message you want your listeners to understand while listening?

Originally this was a song about Lankford’s personal struggles, but after receiving phone calls from friends and family, we realized the message is much broader. Its about unconditional love. And that means something a little different for each listener. 

Any exciting news you'd like to share with us?

We are really excited to announce Alson and Lankford’s single “Melt With You” was just signed to Lowly Palace. You guys can find it on their social media links. And soon it will be released on Trap Nation worldwide. It’s our first time working together, and its the first time being signed to a major label for either of us. We are excited to see what the future holds.


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