Laray Da Savage Releases Hit Single "Soul Talking", Rises To The Top In Houston

Hey Laray Da Savage! Congrats on your release of "Soul Talking"! Did the track come out the way you initially envisioned it?

Yes it exceeded my expectation. 

"Soul Talking" has gotten tons of traction so far! How do you feel that you've connected with your listeners for this particular track, compared to other tracks you've come out with? 

The song was originally linked by a peer of mines, the song went viral as certain people in the city would play the song live, this was early in the year the demand became so high for the song that I had went ahead and released the audio visual which accumulated 100k views within the first month , the song was just a fans favorite and people kept asking for the song. 

How have your shows been lately? What's the energy like in your crowds?

The shows have been increasing with this single out right now it’s definitely boosting my career soul Talking is one of those songs that have the whole crowd speaking word for word. 

Did you come across any creative blocks when curating "Soul Talking"? What kind of strategies do you have in place to surpass these obstacles when you're writing your music?

Soul talking came from literally my soul often Times I feel that people over look the talent in Houston I just felt the need to speak out and let people know all the challenges we face coming up in a city that doesn’t support you as they should. I love this city I wanna show them that we can be front runners and not band wagons.

How do you feel that the music scene in Houston aids in your development as an artist?

Do you plan to always reside in Houston? Houston is full of culture , we have artist like scareface , Megan the stallion & Travis Scott that came from the same place as me so it’s possible to be a star just have to get your music heard and the support will come. 

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