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Larry Sager And ESQ Break It Down For Their New Single “At the Rock ’n’ Roll”

Detroit, Michigan, has long been a breeding ground for exceptional musicians, and Larry Sager is no exception. Hailing from a family with abundant musical talent, Sager was constantly exposed to quality music. After passing a rigorous test administered by a renowned Detroit music company, he would embark on his musical journey at the tender age of five, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Although Sager would receive classical training for many years, the allure of blues and rock ‘n’ roll captured his heart and imagination. He would later learn and add the guitar and electric bass to his artistic repertoire, all before the age of fifteen. That wouldn’t be enough for Sager, though. Determined to perfect his craft, he would venture to California as a young musician, playing concert venues, coffee houses, bars, and any other stages he could, practicing his skills and giving electric performances.

“At the Rock ‘n’ Roll” is one of Sager and ESQ’s latest offerings. A flawlessly executed offering of rock, “At the Rock ‘n’ Roll” is filled with the energy that makes it infectious. As Sager commands you to “have fun, everyone / have a good time, to rock ‘n’ roll,” it’s so easy to get lost in the music and move. It’s a testament to Sager and ESQ’s considerable skills as musicians, but most importantly, their ability to make you feel good through music.

Larry Sager’s “At the Rock ‘n’ Roll” embodies his willingness to explore and push boundaries while remaining true to himself and his roots and sound. So whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “At the Rock ‘n’ Roll,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Larry Sager! We loved “At the Rock ‘N’ Roll,” we had to ask, what inspired this song?

Perhaps sorry to say, the lyrical inspiration for this song was an untrustworthy business partner of mine. My interest in our business was diminishing as I wanted to devote more time to my music. He was resentful, let's say - as our business dealings were quite successful - and he wanted my devotion to remain solely to the business. It was eventually good riddance to our partnership, and hello, MUSIC.

So you mentioned that you come from a very musically oriented family! How has your family influenced who you are as a musician, and how big did they play in deciding which specific direction you wanted to take your music in?

My mother was a classically trained violinist and pianist. She played in an amateur orchestra when I was a kid. I attended the concerts regularly for years, but I enjoyed attending the rehearsals more than the actual (sometimes boring) concert itself. Perhaps - a more educational and behind-the-scenes look at preparing for a performance. And, similar to her own parents - she had me start piano lessons when I was 5 - with a renowned music school in the Detroit area. Though only 5 years old, the school required me to pass a "musical aptitude" test before taking me on as a student. I passed the test.

What is your favorite musical memory?

My favorite musical memory or memories would have to be when I was an "observer" in various recording studios while David Foster was recording and mixing the Tubes in San Francisco and Chicago in Los Angeles. I observed his expertise, attention to detail, approach to making great music, and excellent recordings. It remains a mainstay of my striving to produce music without compromising my own vision of the final production.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

My music is mainstream rock 'n' roll or, as a friend put it, "old school rock 'n' roll," - but I do consciously add a touch of Detroit/Motown R&B and jazz to make it slightly different than what you've heard before but at the same time very familiar. Hopefully - it's what you have heard and loved a million times - but at the same time - there's something different going on!

What’s next for Larry Sager? Can we expect to hear more new music soon?

A little different than our last two releases - our next song is without a guitar solo called "Can't Be Satisfied." It features the wonderful backing vocals added by Sylvia Massy (who mixed it as well) and vocalist Shalee - along with what we hope people find is an entertaining music video as well. We promise a slew of new music will continue through the next months and into the next year —Rock 'n' Roll.

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Ching Camel
Ching Camel
Jun 10, 2023

Great job 👏

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