Las Vegas-Based EmCee Dolly Is Making Waves Through Nevada With “Don’t Get In My Way”

Born and bred in Chicago, emcee Darius Dolly’s less than stellar circumstances led him to move to Las Vegas with his family in his teen years. When he realized his passion for music, he was able to curate his dreams into reality. He began dropping mixtape after mixtape and is currently working towards becoming the hip-hop legend of Sin City. Dolly is definitely the future of the new rap culture in the state of Nevada.

We had the pleasure of checking out this track “Don’t Get In My Way” and we can’t get enough of Dolly’s sound. The track expertly weaves through elements of powerful hip-hop verses. Dolly exudes undeniable confidence and authentic grit throughout the entire track. Being able to put pen to paper and create emotive and powerful lyrics then match those lyrics to a catchy beat AND make it alluring and connection seeking for the listener is a true talent! Dolly showcases his skills as an admirable, talented and spectacular hip-hop artist. He consistently proves he belongs at the top. Dolly remains modest but he has big things coming! I highly recommend you check out “Don’t Get In My Way” and the rest of his impressive repertoire.

Listen to “Don’t Get In My Way” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself and tell us a little bit about your upbringing into music?

I go by the name of Dolly, I'm A artist coming out of Vegas. Music has always been an important factor in my life. I started writing my own music after graduating from high school. studying the greats kept me grounded to always be me and staying original to the art/culture.

What’s the meaning behind “Don’t Get In My Way”? What inspired you to write this track?

The meaning behind "Don't Get In My Way" can mean a lot of different things. Whether you on the football field, at the club, playing basketball or just competing in general having that "don't get in my way attitude can take you a long way!

From an artist’s perspective, what’s your favorite part of “Don’t Get In My Way”?

From an artist's perspective I would say my favorite part of "Don't Get In My Way" would be 

"catch me stunting just check the ice on the watch, off the liquor I'm zoning got me swerving right off the block, believe it or not one of the greatest in the making, word of advice don't give a dam if you hating, Don't Get In My Way"

Your intense energy is clear through the speakers but what is your stage presence like?

The energy you hear in the song goes hand in hand with my stage presence. Music is where I get to express my true self, the stage is where I let it all out.

What’s next for you?

Focusing on competing with the majors releasing my upcoming project entitled "The New Gospel", traveling to more cities to expand the brand, pushing more content and staying true to who I am. I feel the rest will follow, in due time!

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