Latch Onto the "Slow Rush," With L.A ZONIN

Originally born in Guatemala, L.A. ZONIN is an L.A. raised, Vancouver-based gender-fluid artist with a knack for storytelling. Using apt lyricism as the focal point of their music with an array of accompanying instrumentals to match their vocal artistry, L.A. ZONIN is a promising up-and-coming performer and producer who offers a unique and refreshing sound to Vancouver music scene.

Bringing a vibrant form of life to the recently released “Slow Rush,” L.A. ZONIN has listeners feasting upon a progression that is far from lulling. This specific single enlists the techniques of producer Fantom in order to harvest an environment reminiscent of 80’s electro-synth Pop in all of its glory.

Serving a vivacious form of energy in the upbeat dimensions of “Slow Rush,” L.A. ZONIN is putting their best foot forward in this all-out sonic expedition. Fusing together their lyrical depth with a delicate vocal delivery in the realm of reverberated chambers, we can’t help but get lost in the music with this high octane performance. Carrying forth an objective of ushering listeners into the well-rounded experience of synth-driven power Pop, the vision of L.A. ZONIN is not only laced into the musical expose but is grasped in the best way possible.

Propelling us into levels we have yet to see from L.A. ZONIN, this established anthem has us welcoming the loud and clear ambiance radiated, as we can guarantee “Slow Rush,” will linger on your mind for time to come. With the intentions of L.A. ZONIN lining up with the musical bliss conveyed, the sky's the limit and the rush is endless.

Hello L.A. ZONIN and welcome to BuzzMusic. We admire the electric approach you took towards ‘Slow Rush’ with the collaborative effort of producer Fantom. How did this collaboration become to be and what was it like working with one another?

I was searching for a beat online and I came across one of Fantom’s called “Speedway”. It instantly connected with me and I knew I could turn it into something unique. The true collaborative effort came between my friend Ashi Shonen and myself. “Speedway” had a great foundation but also a lot of space for it to be expanded upon. I had finished my lyrics and sent a demo to Ashi Shonen. I asked if he could add some synths to flesh it out and make it more full. I didn’t know what to expect. Two days later he sent me some synth tracks that just blew me away! His melodies gave me goosebumps! I couldn’t stop smiling! That took my demo and turned it into a song. He’s pretty awesome!

Did Anyone else assist in the full release process of “SlowRush?” How does this release feel compared to previous ones?

Yes of course! I could not have done this without the help of my team; My Business Manager Nikki Hammond kept me on track with my deadlines. Shereen Rodriguez designed the straightforward and eye-catching cover. My amazing co-producer, engineer, and partner Brandon Brown mixed Slow Rush as he has all my songs. I love the way he makes me sound! Last but not least, the talented Elisa Pangsaeng from CPS Mastering added the final, delicate touch to prepare it for the world. This release is unique as it is my first song in which I profess my love for someone. Coming out of an abusive relationship a few years back, love was not on my mind at all. Until I met the most caring, loving, talented engineer. When I started writing I was unaware of what direction the lyrics would take. I ended up not only professing my love but showing vulnerability to be loved again.

We would love for you to take us into the creative process that brought this song to life! How long did it take for you to construct this masterpiece?

My creative process is the definition of my artist name: ZONIN. It’s when I am in such a high state of mind that the rest of the world falls away and I become one with the music. One morning in August 2020, I was in that mindset; writing lyrics and melodies without any conscious thought. Putting my pure, unfiltered feelings into words. I was writing and refining all day, even at work; I had to see it through. I record as I write and by the end of the night, I was able to come out of my lyrical trance, take a step back and listen. I teared up hearing myself sing the words back to me. I was so surprised at how much I had tapped into my emotions and vulnerabilities. I did not set out to write a love song. I have always preferred exploring the darker side of my mind. I guess it was something my heart needed to get out.

As an artist, what is your mission statement?

To make music true to my soul. That displays my feelings good or bad, excited or depressed. To be unapologetically myself. I want you to understand me, get inside my head just by listening to my songs. I have a lot of issues; same as everyone else. I want anyone who listens to me to know that they are not alone and that is okay to feel the way you do.

What is next for you?

I am so glad you asked that! My buddy, Ashi Shonen, just released a two-song EP called “RoseWorld.” It is another collaboration that I had the pleasure of featuring in. He is such a talented producer who is just starting his journey in the music industry. On top of that, I am releasing my self-produced EP, Meraki, this summer! I had so much fun working alongside my boyfriend who helped co-produce the EP and actually co-wrote one of the songs, “Restless,” that I will release as my next single in June! I’ve always had such passion for music whether it’s writing, singing, or producing. Music is my world. When I am able to share my passion with the world and the world responds back, that’s my “Slow Rush.”