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Late 9 And Patient Sixty-Seven Unleash Havoc Through Their Melodic Collison, “Breathe For Me”

Get ready to have your eardrums obliterated and your soul scorched because Boston's metallic monstrosities, Late 9, are here to unleash a sonic apocalypse. And guess what? They've brought some boisterous reinforcements from down under, the Aussie insurgents known as Patient Sixty-Seven, to join the wreckage.

Brace yourselves because Late 9 sure as hell isn't here to play nice with the earth-shattering anthem "Breathe For Me." After dropping the social media bombshell "Repeated Apology" that turned TikTok and Instagram into a headbangers battleground, they've returned with their knives sharpened and amps cranked to 11.

"Breathe For Me" ain't your grandma's lullaby, that's for damn sure. This track is a thundering juggernaut of riffage and rage, an unstoppable beast of a collaboration that teams up Late 9's relentless energy with Patient Sixty-Seven's Aussie fury. Kyle Farrar, the vocal demon from Late 9, and the enigmatic Tom Kiely of Patient Sixty-Seven are tag-teaming your eardrums in a brutal back-and-forth that's like a vocal cage match from the darkest pits of musical mayhem. They're not just knocking at the door of attention; they're smashing it down and setting the whole damn place ablaze.

But hold onto your sanity because it's not just about the vocal showdown. The landscape they've constructed is like a sonic battlefield, a merciless onslaught of layers and textures that'll knock you sideways. Between the sizzling guitar riffs, colossal percussion, a tight rhythmic slap of energy, and the effortless fusion of all these components, the production is so top-tier that it leaves you with a molten fusion of melodic brutality that'll brand itself onto your very soul.

"Breathe For Me" isn't just a song; it's a cataclysmic event. Late 9 and Patient Sixty-Seven are the unholy heralds of a new metalcore era, and this track is their war cry. Brace for impact, stock up on neck braces, and prepare to be baptized in all that is Late 9 and Patient Sixty-Seven, as this bone-shattering ride will plunge you into a mosh pit of pure chaos.


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